Mizuno USA, a global sporting goods company, offers high-performance equipment, apparel, and footwear for a wide range of sports, including golf, baseball, running and more. With hundreds of products aimed toward a diverse audience of sporting enthusiasts, it’s important for Mizuno to provide new and existing customers with the information they need to make an informed purchasing decision.


Mizuno USA gains insights from Customer-Generated Content to enhance the customer journey.

The Opportunity

Recognizing the need to facilitate the customer journey with authentic content, Mizuno partnered with PowerReviews to gather content and insights at scale. Since 2016, Mizuno has leveraged PowerReviews to reach new audiences, make critical improvements to their product and services, and increase consumer confidence.

Amplifying Visibility & Reach With Customer Content

With PowerReviews, Mizuno quickly gathers authentic reviews to ensure the product pages showcase the customer-generated content prior to launch, allowing shoppers to make conf ident purchasing decisions on new products.

At a recent tradeshow, Mizuno unveiled a new shoe concept and allowed participants to test the product and provide feedback. Leveraging an engaged audience, the team used PowerReviews to gather their comments during the event, collecting over 150 reviews before the product even launched.

Big Wins Through Syndication

Mizuno has not only been able to gather content at scale; they’ve also reached new audiences across more brand sites and retailers, setting them apart from the competition.

Since partnering with PowerReviews, Mizuno increased syndicated reviews by 89%, expanding their reach and visibility across all sales channels.

Gathering Insights to Drive Customer Engagement

By harnessing PowerReviews’ collection capabilities, Mizuno benefits from the breadth and depth of feedback shared within their customer content. The rich consumer insights available from reviews allows Mizuno to implement critical product improvements.


Using PowerReviews analytics, the Mizuno team easily tracks customer feedback concerns. Their customer sentiment data provides valuable insights on how to improve their service policies–such as their return policy–to streamline communications between the consumer and the brand.


ROI Delivered

reviews collected before launching a new product.
0 %
increase in syndicated reviews.
average star rating

With PowerReviews, Mizuno improves the customer journey and the portrayal of products by increasing review collection and coverage.


Full details and insights on Mizuno's success with the PowerReviews Platform.


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