Influencer Content Acceleration

Turn every customer into an influencer and use social media to accelerate the creation and amplification of customer-generated content.


One solution. Incorporating multiple methods to accelerate customer content generation and sharing for maximum impact.

Speed up content collection.

Generate more customer reviews, images, or videos quicker to enhance credibility and significantly expand your reach with our sophisticated sampling programs. And unlike with other sampling providers, the content is exclusively yours.

  • Sampling for Reviews

    PowerReviews campaigns yield the highest review submission rates in the industry, with an average of 85%+ completion. Our proven campaign management techniques - which incorporate rigorous demographic matching - ensure that the time from launch to when you start collecting content is quicker than anyone else (as fast as 30 days from launch).

  • Sampling for Influence

    Quickly grow brand awareness at scale by utilizing our highly engaged community to spread buzz about your products and services to their social media followers. Our advanced targeting ensures you only engage the most relevant everyday influencers during these programs. Leverage the content you collect across marketing channels and throughout the buying cycle to generate sales.

Capture high-quality, authentic customer content that drives impact.

Drive quality customer content through our sampling programs, proven to quickly capture authentic content and generate your desired outcomes.

  • Sampling for Reviews

    Our sophisticated screening methodologies result in reviews that are around 29% longer in length than those developed by other vendors.

  • Sampling for Influence

    Our community of everyday influencers produce authentic, on-brand social posts to promote your products and increase brand awareness. Our Influencer program generates typical Instagram engagement rates of 8-10%, 350% higher than average.

Manage campaigns with turnkey help.

Our Influencer Content Acceleration solution is sophisticated yet easy-to-use, and our team provides all the support and expertise you need to ensure you get the results you want.

  • Execute With Certainty

    Our efficient and responsive sampling team manages campaigns on your behalf, so you don’t have to do any of the work. We build your target audience, facilitate shipments and engage with campaign participants as they try products and submit content.

  • Strategic Expertise

    Our sampling team provides all the strategic guidance you need to reach your goals, ensuring you engage the right influencers, at the right time, with the right message.

  • Clearly Understand ROI

    We create post-campaign reports to accurately quantify value and gain buy-in for existing and future activity.

Expand your reach.

Extend your sales and marketing reach with access to the largest open syndication platform. Our Open Platform reaches 1 billion shoppers a month across Google, Amazon, Walmart, Target, Facebook, Instagram and many other marketplaces, social platforms, brand sites and marketing, CRM, and Commerce providers. Easily integrate through our secure API frameworks.

  • Results Delivered

    PowerReviews’ open platform generates an average increase of 52% in product review coverage across big box retailer sites.

A solution to enhance awareness and authenticity across digital and social channels to guide customers to purchase.

Sampling for Reviews

Run sampling campaigns to accelerate review content creation.

PowerReviews sampling clients experience the industry’s highest review generation rates of 85%+.

Sampling for Influence

Accelerate the creation and reach of social media posts to increase visual content collection, brand awareness, and engagement.

Our programs generate engagement rates 3.5 times higher than typical influencer campaigns.

Sentiment Analysis Reports

Get the product and customer insights behind the data you collect with analyst-curated reports.

Product Pulse is a powerful tool for eCommerce professionals looking to build and sell better products. The intuitive visualizations and straight-forward design make analyzing customer sentiment easy — not only saving valuable analysis time but also bringing important data to my decision making.

Paul Markovic, Ecommerce Manager, Milk Makeup

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear from those who benefit from our platform every day.


Overall, what I’m most excited about with the [PowerReviews] reports is the ability to take our huge volume of customer feedback and summarize it in a way that’s easy to share out to the rest of my team and other teams throughout the company. There are valuable insights to help inform everything from product decisions to customer service to site content, and having these reports organized and visualized in such a clear way—that wasn’t possible before.

Emily Todd, eCommerce Analyst, Jansport

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