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power of reviews webinar

Webinar: The Growing Power of Reviews

In this webinar, we look at our own data from the Growing Power of Reviews report.

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woman carrying groceries featured image

Beyond the Supermarket Shelves

Rebecca Grimes shares her key findings from the latest study and gives tips for serving today’s grocery shoppers.

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Omnichannel Grocery Featured Image

6 Tips to Help Grocery Retailers Meet Consumers’ Changing Needs

Learn how to meet the growing expectations and needs of today’s new grocery shoppers.

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citrus-fruit-grocery featured image

Online is the New Frontier in Grocery Shopping

Is online the new frontier of grocery shopping? See what data we’ve gathered in our recent study.

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what makes a helpful review featured image

What Makes a Review Helpful?

PowerReviews VP of Analytics Arend Henderson looks into the data and shares insights about what makes a helpful review.

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Leveraging Mobile and Wearable Tech Featured Image

How the Administration Sees Reviews & Consumer Protection: A Legal Perspective

DLA Piper’s Lesli Esposito talks about the legality of ratings and reviews and what organizations need to know.

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Marketing Strategies featured image

Back to the Marketing Strategy Drawing Board

Former CMO of OfficeMax and Walgreens Kim Feil talks about he evolving retail landscape and reworking your marketing strategy.

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shopify plus partner program featured image

PowerReviews Joins Shopify Plus Technology Partner Program

PowerReviews is excited to join the growing ShopifyPlus Technology Partner Program.

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powerreviews growth continues

PowerReviews Growth Continues–Expands Open Network

PowerReviews continues to see growth and adoption of the Open Network and review syndication.

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