BEER NUTS® Brand Snacks

Providing exceptional snacking experiences since 1953, BEER NUTS is a family-owned and operated company based in Bloomington, IL. While BEER NUTS’ product line has grown over the years, its original recipe remains the same, as does its commitment to producing the best quality snack products possible.


The Opportunity

BEER NUTS’ direct to consumer business has grown steadily in recent times, and the company aspires to continue this growth by reaching and cultivating new customers. After significantly reducing the potential for in-person sales, the COVID pandemic accelerated this transition and led to a far greater focus on the direct-to-consumer eCommerce channel.


Considering the majority of its product reviews were dated – more than eight months or older – the BEER NUTS team decided a concentrated focus on ratings and reviews was in order. What’s more, BEER NUTS had introduced new packaging so a key objective was to get the new product into consumers’ hands and quickly collect user generated product imagery and feedback on the website.

More Reviews, Greater Results

“As a company that’s been around since the ’50s, we have a lot of grandparents and older adults that know our brand, but we’re also interested in reaching a new younger generation. This demographic shops differently than previous generations, and we understood the value of ratings and reviews content in driving eCommerce sales,” says Jonathan Strupek, Marketing Manager, BEER NUTS® Brand Snacks.


PowerReviews’ analytics shows the influence of user-generated content on BEER NUTS sales in the 6-month period post PowerReviews implementation, with a 2.5% conversion uplift for shoppers who interacted with at least one piece of user-generated content. And when it comes to user-generated images and videos, the results are especially potent – BEER NUTS experienced a 9.8% increase in conversion when website visitors interact with media specifically.


PowerReviews also executed a BEER NUTS product sampling campaign distributing 200 samples across eight different products, resulting in a 92% review completion rate with a 4.7-star average rating. “That absolutely would not have been possible without PowerReviews,” says Strupek.



Easy Implementation

BEER NUTS chose to partner with PowerReviews, due in part to the direct integration it offered with Shopify Plus® that enables users to inject the display and collect code on product website pages to support easy product data sharing (without the need for developers).


“There were a ton of step-by-step instructions and the PowerReviews team was there to answer any questions we had – they were very helpful and hands on,” Strupek explains. “Overall, the Shopify Plus® PowerReviews integration was seamless. It’s the type of implementation experience we want with all of our partners. We launched on time and that was a big thing.”


And when COVID hit, PowerReviews’ UGC Analytics and Shopify Plus® were the winning combination. “We wanted to understand how consumers’ buying habits were shifting post-COVID so we could put forward the best pricing and product availability and Shopify Plus® and PowerReviews helped with our understanding of that. Consumer behavior is always changing – having the ability to have our finger on the pulse of that is critical,” says Strupek.

A Trusted Long-term Partner

The company went live with PowerReviews in March 2020 – right during the start of the COVID pandemic shelter-in-place mandates, which ushered in significant changes in consumer buying behavior. And now, having added extensive user generated content on its website, they are well positioned to take advantage of this surge in eCommerce activity.


“There’s always more to be done when it comes to refining your eCommerce business and customer experience. We’re always looking at new ways to do things and PowerReviews is there to help. We see PowerReviews as a key partner for the long-term; we know we can depend on them to help us grow,” concludes Strupek.


ROI Delivered

0 %
review completion rate from product sampling campaign
1 %
conversion lift when website visitors interact with customer-generated media
average star rating

Working with PowerReviews, BEER NUTS was able to generate a significant conversion lift by building trust and relationships with consumers through user-generated content.


Full details and insights on BEER NUTS' success with the PowerReviews Platform.


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