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Experience purchase – Unify and Amplify

PowerReviews delivers a streamlined, mobile-friendly experience for consumers as they provide feedback throughout their shopping journey and a product’s lifecycle.

Consumers can read and provide feedback on products, sellers, services, locations and experiences before, during, and after their purchase. And businesses can mine that feedback for insights to improve their offerings, while optimizing and personalizing the consumer journey, online and in-store.

PowerReviews amplifies the voice of the consumer by distributing reviews to its Open Syndication Network of more than 2,500 retailers on more than 5,000 websites.

Single multi-tenant platform

This same platform makes it easier for our customers to adopt innovation; when we release a new feature, it’s available to everyone simply by turning the new feature on.

Because we have only one platform to support, we can focus on delivering new capabilities, rather than maintaining two platforms or helping customers migrate from old versions.

Tag-Based Review approach and Inline SEO®

Tag-Based Reviews Preferred by 3 out of 4 Consumers. With the tag-based approach, shoppers see what’s important very quickly. You can see the pros—absorbs quickly, goes on smoothly, etc– and the CONS– quickly. This tag-based approach makes it easy for shoppers to get the information that’s important to them, quickly.

Our patented Inline SEO approach drives significant improvements in organic traffic to your product pages by increasing keyword density and improving relevance and freshness of the page’s content.

The PowerReviews mission is to unify and amplify the voice of the consumer throughout their journey, across all channels to help consumers make better purchase decisions and to help businesses drive sales and improve products and services.