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It’s no secret that user-generated content, such as ratings and reviews and Q&A, have a big impact on website traffic and conversion. At PowerReviews, we’ve found that collecting and displaying ratings and reviews can increase online site-wide sales for brands and retailers up to 17%.

In most cases, a review is generated as a result of a relevant and actionable review request in the form of a post purchase email. This request asks a customer to write a review for a recently purchased product days after they’ve received it and had time to use it. However, in many retail sectors, merchandise moves on and off the shelves quickly. For these products, it’s key to generate user-generated content more quickly than a post purchase email allows — in hours or days rather than weeks. After all, if a customer waits a few weeks to write a review for a seasonal item like a swimsuit, that item may no longer be available or in-season.

With that in mind, PowerReviews developed a new product offering called Why Did You Buy. Why Did You Buy makes it easier for shoppers to provide feedback immediately after purchase, providing brands and retailers with additional content to drive traffic, sales, and insights.

How it Works
Imagine a customer purchases an item, such as a jacket, from your eCommerce site. Once the transaction is complete, the customer is taken to a thank you page. On that thank you page, the shopper is asked to provide feedback via a short, simple and mobile-friendly form by answering the simple question: Why Did You Buy?

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All of the content submitted through Why Did You Buy then passes through our advanced fraud technology and our team of human moderators to ensure the content is authentic and fraud-free.

After moderation, content is displayed on product pages to help future shoppers understand the purchase intent of fellow consumers, which can give them the confidence they need to make well informed purchase decisions. For example, if a consumer is shopping for a jacket for an upcoming hiking trip and notices that other shoppers note that they purchased a particular jacket for a similar trip, she can confidently add the jacket to her shopping cart.

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The content generated with Why Did You Buy boosts consumer engagement, which leads to greater conversion. In addition, this content provides businesses with insights to understand use cases and improve products.

What You Can Expect
PowerReviews customers have seen some impressive results by adopting Why Did You Buy. During the program pilot, a leading activewear and outdoor sports gear brand achieved product coverage that was 65% higher than using a traditional review display alone. In addition, PowerReviews customers display four times more total content on their sites than they would without Why Did You Buy.

Start Collecting More Content, Faster
Already a customer? Why Did You Buy can easily be added to PowerReviews’ Ratings and Reviews or Q&A solutions. If you’re an existing PowerReviews customer interested in generating more, high quality content faster with little effort on your part, contact your Client Success Director or Community Manager to learn more about Why Did You Buy.

Not yet a customer? If you’re not a PowerReviews customer but interested in learning more, contact us for a free demo.


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