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Display your earned content on product pages with our review display tools.

Prominently Display Review Content

You’ve collected reviews for your products. Now, you need to make sure you’re prominently displaying review content on your product pages. That way, you’ll provide shoppers with all of the information they’re looking for in one place, decreasing the risk that they’ll leave your ecosystem and purchase elsewhere. And PowerReviews customers see a 108% average lift in traffic to product pages with reviews displayed compared to those without.

More Traffic

Average traffic lift when a product adds at least one review.

More Sales

Average sales lift when a product adds at least one review.

Higher Conversion

Average conversion lift when a product adds at least one review.

PowerReviews review snapshot example

Review Snapshot

The Review Snapshot is an easy to read summary of a product’s pros, cons and best uses. The Review Snapshot allows your shoppers to see an at-a-glance summary of feedback for any product in your catalog.


The Faceoff highlights the most helpful positive and negative reviews for a given product. This allows shoppers to get a balanced overview of your product offerings.

PowerReviews Review Faceoff

Tag-Based Reviews

Tag-based reviews use category-specific keywords to display information on product characteristics. Industry and category specific tags help improve SEO and make it easy to mine data for insights. In addition, tag-based reviews are preferred by most consumers. PowerReviews research found that three quarters of shoppers find reviews with a keyword snapshot of commonly referenced product characteristics more useful than a plain text review format.

Visual Content

Two-fifths of shoppers prefer to see visual content directly on a brand or retailer site. PowerReviews offers an image gallery that allows you to showcase consumer images collected with our review collection forms in an engaging gallery, directly on your product pages.

PowerReviews Visual Content Example
Example of PowerReviews Review Customization

Easy Customization

Simple CSS changes allow you to customize our review solution so it looks like it was branded specifically for your business. You have the ability to customize colors, stars and other elements of the review display.

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