We Just Released New Updates To Our API. Why Is This Such A Big Deal?

We are relentless in our pursuit to make our PowerReviews platform easier-to-use. We are focused on this objective day-in and day-out. And this is why we’ve recently made significant upgrades to our API technologies while building a number of new exciting third-party integration partnerships. Now realize even more value from your PowerReviews solution. Read on to find out more. 

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What’s new at PowerReviews on the integration front?

Our team just launched new API capabilities, which is really exciting. Our API enables us to integrate our platform with other third-party systems, which in turn, enables our clients to:

  • Integrate the customer content they collect with other important partner systems
  • Send the data they collect anywhere in their tech stacks
  • Build custom web and mobile applications

The PowerReviews API supports bulk imports and exports of data while still providing clients with quicker data transfers — all while keeping sensitive data safe. Plus, we’ve added brand new, competitive endpoints for managing everything from orders to products to moderation.

We also just launched a brand new API documentation site. We built this site with developers in mind, to help our clients and their teams through the integration process. 

What is an API and how does it help PowerReviews clients?

Technically, an API is an Application Programming Interface. Non-technically, APIs allow our system to communicate with other systems. 

What does this mean if you’re a PowerReviews customer?

For one, our API allows us to build powerful and valuable integrations with complementary third-party technologies. We are realistic enough to know that we’re not the only third-party vendor our customers typically work with on a day-to-day basis, so our API allows our technology to talk to the other technologies — creating significant usability improvements and driving exponentially greater value.

For example:

A handful of brands use both PowerReviews and Sprinklr on a day-to-day basis. They collect and manage customer-generated content with our platform, then use the Sprinklr platform to manage their customers’ experience. 

Through our integration with Sprinklr, brands and retailers can now seamlessly share customer content to their Sprinklr platform – from which they can now manage their Ratings & Reviews and Q&A content. These organizations can interact with their customers by responding to reviews and answering any questions directly from the Sprinklr platform. In addition, they can now also use their Sprinklr platform to amplify their customer content across important social media channels.

Second, these updates give brands and retailers another way to implement our solution. Building custom applications leveraging our new Enterprise API is best for larger organizations that may not want to implement our Javascript on their site. As an alternative, they can instead use our API to collect and display customer-generated content.

What is the benefit of having these integrations?

The PowerReviews platform offers a ton of value. And these other technologies also offer a ton of value. Combined, they add up to more than the sum of their parts.

These integrations allow organizations to seamlessly extend the reach and impact of the customer-generated content they collect through the PowerReviews platform by connecting it with the other important technology systems they use.

What third-party systems do PowerReviews integrate with?

We have integrations with the following partners, which means no development work is required to pair our technologies together. If you are already a PowerReviews customer and would like to explore activating one of these integrations, your Customer Success Manager will be able to provide more details.

Integrate PowerReviews with:

  • Sprinklr: Amplify your PowerReviews review content across social media with Sprinklr. 
  • Zendesk: Manage and respond to customer issues left in reviews, alongside any others received through the Zendesk platform.
  • Astute: Blend human and artificial intelligence to enhance consumer review engagement, through our integration with Astute.
  • Reputation Studio: Improved reputation management with in-the-moment response to customer review content from within Salesforce

We also have partnerships in place with all the main ecommerce platforms. Integrate our ratings and reviews platforms into stores hosted on Shopify, Shopify Plus, Magento, and Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

And we’re just getting started. We’re working with a number of other technology vendors to integrate our platforms with theirs to deliver even greater value. If you are interested in finding out more – or indeed are a vendor which would like to establish an integration with our solution(s) – reach out to us today!

Cristian Pina

As a Product Manager at PowerReviews, Cristian focuses on solving customer challenges with innovative technical solutions to deliver easy to use and engaging products. With over ten years of technology experience, Cristian helps guide the vision for our products and rallies cross-functional teams to deliver innovative solutions.