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PowerReviews Acquires BzzAgent

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Providing scale, targeting, social media integration and syndication to leading brands and retailers

CHICAGO – July 11, 2018 – PowerReviews, a global technology leader in reviews and user-generated social content to more than 1,000 brands and retailers, today announced the acquisition of BzzAgent from dunnhumby. BzzAgent is a leading product sampling and influencer marketing company with more than 15 years of experience working with the world’s largest brands.

Sampling to a Million, Syndicating to One Billion
The acquisition builds on PowerReviews’ success of blending product sampling with review syndication for greater scale to PowerReviews clients. PowerReviews is the only company to offer a seamless solution for clients to target the right audience from a database of one million consumers, and then distribute samples, collect reviews, and syndicate content across the PowerReviews Open Network. This enables brands to reach more than one billion active shoppers monthly across hundreds of the largest e-commerce retailers in the world. As brands seek to optimize their presence on the “digital shelf,” having reviews, Q&A and user-generated social content is a proven best practice that drives results.

PowerReviews will offer targeting based on geographic, demographic, and lifestyle interests across the U.S., U.K., and Canada.

The Rise and Connection to Everyday Social Influencers
At the heart of this acquisition is PowerReviews’ commitment to amplifying the voice of real people who enjoy sharing their recommendations through expressive content. Everyday influencers are different from celebrity influencers and online personalities in such that everyday influencers provide the most relevant content possible to consumers who trust the opinions of others and rely on this content to make informed purchasing decisions.  

This acquisition further amplifies the consumer voice by syndicating their reviews directly to e-commerce sites of major retailers, helping guide the purchase decisions of millions of fellow shoppers.

Social Media Integration
In addition to the scale, targeting and expanded syndication benefits, the BzzAgent acquisition complements the recent launch of the PowerReviews’ Social Suite. PowerReviews clients can now amplify the impact of sampling by asking consumers to share their reviews on social media and have these reviews shown directly on brand and retailer e-commerce sites.

“These new features give brands and retailers a turnkey solution for increasing review coverage and tapping into the power of the everyday social influencer across the customer journey,” said Matt Moog, Chief Executive Officer at PowerReviews. “Brands can now leverage a larger number of pre-qualified reviewers to syndicate reviews and social content to the world’s largest e-commerce retailers, who account for $90 billion in e-commerce sales. We look forward to continuing to innovate on the next-generation of sampling and everyday influencer marketing solutions for brands and retailers everywhere.”

”BzzAgent is one of the early leaders in word-of-mouth marketing — growing a robust network of BzzAgents, and working with some of the world’s leading brands,” said Guillaume Bacuvier, Chief Executive Officer at dunnhumby. “BzzAgent has a lot to offer PowerReviews on its upward trajectory.”

PowerReviews has increased the number of sampling campaigns in-market by 5x in the last 12 months and typically drive 85% review response rates or higher. Customers such as iRobot, Hershey’s, Tempur-Pedic and choose PowerReviews as their sampling partner to:

  • Quickly Collect & Syndicate Reviews: Sampling provides a fast path to optimal review coverage by allowing brands to distribute product samples and collect reviews for syndication to retail partner sites across the PowerReviews Open Network.
  • Uncover Key Product Insights: Product reviews are rich with insights to help brands improve future iterations, make more informed business decisions and provide better customer experiences.
  • Drive Customer Awareness for New Products: Product sampling is used to generate buzz around new product launches and build buyer confidence in products with few reviews by increasing review coverage. A PowerReviews study found that 45% of shoppers will turn to a search engine if there are no reviews or user-generated images or videos for a product on a brand or retailer site.

About PowerReviews
PowerReviews works with more than 1,000 global brands and retailers to collect and syndicate user-generated content and feedback such as reviews, Q&A, images, video and more. Content is syndicated across The PowerReviews Open Network reaching more than one billion in-market shoppers every month at the right time and place. User-generated content gives shoppers confidence to make purchases and delivers actionable insights to brands and retailers to drive more traffic, increase sales and improve products and services. To learn more, visit

About dunnhumby
dunnhumby is the global leader in Customer Data Science, empowering businesses everywhere to compete and thrive in the modern data-driven economy. Our mission: to enable businesses to grow and reimagine themselves by becoming advocates and champions for their Customers.

The dunnhumby Customer Science Platform is our unique mix of technology, software and consulting enabling businesses to increase revenue and profits by delivering exceptional experiences for their Customers – in-store, offline and online. dunnhumby employs over 2,000 experts in offices throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas working for transformative, iconic brands such as Tesco, Coca-Cola, Meijer, Procter & Gamble, and L’Oreal. Learn more at

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  1. Mannibajwa Reply

    My girlfriend received bzzkit few weeks ago and it’s great stuff she’s really happy 😃😃 and I waiting for mine now

  2. Kim Kalula Reply

    I’d love to come your products and give you and others my honest opinion. I always read reviews before I purchase new products and I find it really helps me decide if I should buy or not.

  3. Mandy Booth (sodapop125) Reply

    That’s great news for everyone from #testers #brands #BzzAgent #PowerReviews #custmers

  4. Barbie Steele Reply

    This is a great thing. Glad to see Power Reviews over us. I have reviewed for this company now for awhile and they are easy to work with.

  5. Janet Horne Reply

    I have been with BzzAgent for many years I am excited about the new change and the
    opportunity to work with PowerReviews.
    Exciting new adventure in the horizon.
    Janet Horne

  6. Lori Murray Reply

    Bzz Agent is an excellent opportunity to be involved in the testing of products and being able to give a review on products that consumers and yourself will be purchasing.

  7. Diana Duda Reply

    Congratulations and look forward to doing more with the group. I have been part of Bzzz since hearing an interview when it began ages ago.

    Diana Duda

  8. Brissy Reply

    Congratulations to both power reviews and BzzAgent!! Can’t wait for all the good things to come! I’m excited!

  9. Lous Thomas Reply

    If PowerReviews is an improvement of the BzzAgent concept, I can’t wait to get started on a new campaign.

  10. Brandi Reply

    SO excited to see if this means more campaigns per person! Still glad to be a part of this community

  11. Natascha Forte Reply

    This is an amazing move. I have been sampling for Viewpoints/PowerReviews for the past year, and, I am SO excited. I have been a BzzAgent, as well, but, there has barely been a buzz at all. So, I can’t wait!

  12. Sara Gill Reply

    Awesome look forward
    Good luck, Great news

  13. Deena Cole Reply

    I cant wait to try new products I love Bzz Agent they give you such cool stuff. Im looking forward to being in more campaigns.!!

  14. jemina wallace Reply

    Great to see onward and upward progress! I’m looking forward to continuing to be a part of this family.

  15. Debra Born Reply

    This is awesome news. Been with bzzagent since 2007. Love to review products as much as I like to read reviews. Looking forward to learning more. Congrat’s to all.

  16. Jill Taylor Reply

    This is great for everyone! I feel special because I’ve been apart of bzzagent since 2011.

  17. Rosa Vieira Reply

    I’ve been trying bzz agent for a couple of years now I love everything about sample before you buy and get to share your experience with family and friends.

  18. Mary smith Reply

    I am so excited to be part of this team, looking forward to being part of today’s daffy consumer products trying and reviewing the latest products,.

  19. Sue1977 Reply

    Rock on bzzagent love ya guys you all rock love the product sampling even though it’s been a year

  20. Dorothy Breedon Reply

    Sites like these definitely helps for customer reviews and able to purchase new products. I love doing the surveys and trying all the new products that they send. It gives me the opportunity to be able to use it before I buy it💙 I love writing the reviews when I get the opportunity❤ thank you very much🌹

  21. Karen Reply

    Really hope to get some free stuff to review,haven’t had anything from bzz agent in along time…Can’t wait!!

  22. Tonya Cunningham Reply

    I am looking forward to continue working to raise awareness and review new products. This is definitely exciting news from a person that always reads reviews before purchasing a new product.

  23. Keisha Reply

    I am looking forward to seeing this relationship blossom. Can’t wait to review the new items.

  24. Tara Reply

    I look forward to trying new products and telling all my friends and family about the new company that has acquired BzzAgent. I love what BzzAgent is doing in and for the community of marketer and fellow testers. Again I look forward to generating new products to discuss with co-worker and friends.



  25. Krenare Reply

    Wow this is amazing
    Does anybody know how can I become a member of powerreviews like sign up with them and be able to log in and read my reviews? Thanks

  26. Michelle Campbell Reply

    I love being a buzzagent! And I am so excited for PowerReviews to!! I can’t wait for more exciting items to come.Thanks!#BuzzisGood

  27. Theresa Echevarria Reply

    Love Bzzagent look forward to keep trying new products. And letting family and friends know who it work for me and my family. Keep up the amazing job Bzzagent.

  28. Alisha Reply

    I never buy anything without reading reviews i depend on other peoples honest opinion of any product that i intend to purchase, which is why i became a bzzagent. I’m brutally honest and so are my reviews. I’m lokking foward to trying and reviewing every product you have to offer.

  29. Darlene Bertin Reply

    This is amazing I’ve been waiting to get more products from Bzz Agent to test and write reviews about the products that I’ve tried

  30. Catherine Reed Reply

    Keep up the amazing work you do 🙂
    I love Bzz and i love to share my opinion i also love my Bzz kits and love when i get get to share a coupon and my opinion.

  31. Kerri Stephens Reply

    I havent received anything lately but what I have received has been decent. I enjoy Bzz Agents posts, samples, their fun games. Keep up everything!

  32. Suzette Khatoonabadi Reply

    I haven’t had the pleasure of any BzzAgent products in a long time, but look forward to try things out. Thanks for Sharing the information with us

  33. Toni Bourke Reply

    Congratulations ! I really enjoyed being a buzz agent, Hope you consider me for future product reviews !

  34. Lauraurora Reply

    Unlike the others, I’m NOT “buying” this – NOT ONE BIT!!! Once a HUGE competitor devours its helpless little “bug”, the winner owns the tiny one and writes as if they’re the one being gobbled up and excited about it as IF they were still a viable strategic partnering. The truth is, BzzAgents, BZZAGENT NO LONGER EXISTS, and now you must agree to become a part of a much bigger company’s nonsense. Please DO NOT waste your time/energy/life “appeasing” another company only out for the benefit of its top 1% ownership who has the freedom to skew the “facts” for their own benefit. You’re NEVER going to get the “freebies” you are promised and expect. You do not matter. Only they do. You are no longer a busy bee for the greater good’s honey. You are now merely just a slave to the vomit of name-your-society’s greedmaster.

  35. Olivia Eggert Reply

    Awesome news excited and can’t wait on the launching of the new products to review, hoping to participate as soon as they get underway with contacting all of us.

  36. Chewbacca Reply

    Growth is good. I look forward to helping grow the communities outlook on new products and new ideas. As a father of two and husband, it can be a challenge to have the time to find and consume new products. Bzzagent has always helped me to appreciate views of others and their value of products and services
    i Hope that Continues with this new partnership. “—“

  37. Elizabeth Karen Mink Reply

    Congratulations on the new addition. Looking forward to reviewing more new products.

  38. Margarita Reply

    Long time ago didn’t receive any bzz offer, it is nearly 2 years now, sad as I like to write reviews and advertise, but thanks anyway. 🙂

  39. Janice Pauley Reply

    Haven’t received a kit in about a year, but patiently waiting. So worth the wait. Great fun to get to try products and let all your friends know about them.

  40. shirley a sturgill Reply

    I would like to try new products i’m a bzz agant but don’t get many things to try and I write reviews on every thing

  41. Tina Kowalski Reply

    Have been with BzzzAgent for quite a few years now. Looking forward to working with you as well! Also looking forward to reviewing some great products! Best of luck to you!! <3 <3 <3

  42. Diana Beatty Reply

    I have loved being a member of BzzAgent and I look forward to try products and give my opinion can’t wait to see what is in store next.

  43. Cynthia Lassiter Reply

    I love trying new products and giving my opinion. Whenever I want to purchase anything, I always read the reviews because they matter a lot. When I give a review, I try to tell people the kinds of things that I would like to know when I am trying to make a purchase decision. I am looking forward to more in the future!

  44. Yvonne Reply

    I have enjoyed my time with Buzzagent & Now I shall
    Look forward to reviewing products for PowerReviews .
    New & exciting times ahead.

  45. CMAESTRO Reply

    I’ve been with #BZZAGENT since the beginning and have loved seeing the company change as Social Media has over these years. Looking forward to working with #PowerReviews. Word of Mouth and Social Media is an excellent way to promote products and give honest opinions…

  46. Sheryl Reply

    I’ve been a member of Bzz for over 4 years now and must say I’m very satisfied with products and processes. Hope to continue with more product reviews and rewards.

  47. Christopher Kelly Reply

    I have been a BzzAgent for the past few years, and only ever received 2 product tests despite gaining exceptional review comments. I’m hoping that my opportunities will improve under Power Reviews !

  48. Mary Greene Reply

    I have been with BzzAgent for a number of years & have been very happy. This sounds like it could be a good change. Hope the move is seamless and becomes a positive experience for all.

  49. Lili Medrano Reply

    I am sad to see Bzzagent go, I signed up over 7 yrs ago and have grown attached I am looking forward to working with Power Reviews and make the acquisition a success. Thank you for the opportunity.

  50. Drew Sanner Reply

    Very excited to hear of the change. As a very early reviewer for Bzzagent, I have enjoyed working with others on projects and look forward to working on more with the new organization. Is anything required of us to be incorporated in the new system or will our information from Bzzagent carry over?

  51. Raj Patel Reply

    I am very excited to learn about aquisition of Buzz by Power Reviewers. I am looking forward to working with you in near future.
    Welcome and good luck!

  52. Dolores Cigich Reply

    Wow!!! Happy to be part of a new adventure. Looking forward to trying new products. A BIG CONGRATULATIONS TO A WONDERFUL NEW ADVENTURE!!!!!!🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊

  53. Hannah Reply

    Looking forward to what this merger brings and being able to spread the news about more products. As a current Bzzagent this is exciting!

  54. Jo Hoden Reply

    Hi, Keep up the good work, hope that all goes well, looking forward to what comes next. 🙂

  55. crystal Reply

    Can’t wait to see all the new sample options I will have with the acquisition! So excited!

  56. Kim Grisnik Reply

    Congrats! I’ve been a BzzAgent for a long time and can’t wait to see what exciting things are to come in the future.

  57. Annell Reply

    Looking forward to working w Power Reviews if Buzz Agent has anything to do with it I know it’s Awesome

  58. Sister2 Reply

    I have been with BzzAgent for over 10 yrs and looking forward to being part of this new adventure. I never shop and buy something new without reading reviews, so know just how important they are.

  59. Melissa - tazzlvr_99 Reply

    I have been a BzzAgent since 2014. Can’t wait to see there this takes us. Enjoy Bzz and looking forward to working with PowerReviews 🙂

  60. Marzena Mazurek Reply

    This s awesome. Such a great idea BzzAgant. Definitely can’t wait whats to come from Power Reviews & BzzAgent! #BzzAgent #PowerReview

  61. Bzzagent50 Reply

    The new owner is making the website looking better and we will see how this owner will be different than the other one

  62. fam Reply

    That is brilliant. Really excited about this. Great for spreading the Bzz to an even wider audience.

  63. Sherri Hellums Reply

    This sounds very interesting and am ready to give it a go! Can’t wait to try something new!!

  64. mary singer Reply

    I am looking forward hopefully working with your company I love to test new products and give my opinion

  65. Colleen Cockett Reply

    Congratulations please include me in you product reviewers.
    I will give you an honest response.

  66. Beckie E Reply

    I’ve been with BzzAgent 12 years, I hope P.R. treats everyone with the same kind of love and respect BzzAgent has.
    Are we required to sign up with P.R.?
    Does seniority apply?
    Much love from Pueblo

  67. Susan Reply

    I have been working with Bzzzz Agent for awhile now. Now I will be working with Power Reviewers. I am looking forward to a new beginning of GREAT products to try out & review for you. Welcome to our Neighborhood.

  68. monique michon Reply

    its very nice to see so many of us reads the review like I do ty very much to send me this email ty would just love to get mores stuff to tried to try many new stuff ty awsome job

  69. Tina Knapper Reply

    Congratulations Power Reviews and BzzAgent, I’m sure your going to make a fantastic team, glad to be part of it. 👏🏻

  70. wendy atkins Reply

    hope that means i might get chosen soon to test a product used to get chosen often not had anything for months surveys always up to date

  71. Diane Lanthier Reply

    Bonjour avec BizzAgent C`étais en Français du Canada Et vous ne me parlerez simplement en Anglais
    Dommage si c`est simplement Anglais je vais me retiré

  72. Karin Reply

    Que notícia Maravilhosa, já estou adorando a idéia… Ótima oportunidade para conhecer novos produtos e uma empresa tão renomada.
    Na expectativa…

  73. Bonnie Clark Reply

    I think this is a great way to get better and more information to the company and consumer. I like to know the things I buy for myself or my family has been tried by a real person.

  74. Nastazja Reply

    Pow Pow Pow ! It sounds incredible awesome, I am so excited and I wish to work withe them <3 finger crossed huuuh

  75. Linda W. Reply

    This is so exciting and being a reviewer of products where I can provide honest feedback is amazing! You acquired BzzAgent and I am looking forward to working with you.

  76. Janie Archer Reply

    Will we get more chances to get BzzCampaigns now that your company has taken over BzzAgent?

    I sure hope so. I haven’t received anything in a while now!

  77. Patricia Harrod Reply

    Sounds fantastic can’t wait to get started. I have been a happy member of BzzAgent for years and love it.

  78. Rosely Martins Lacerda Reply

    Admirada com esse belíssimo trabalho!! Siga em frente vcs são fantástico 😍😘

  79. Malette Jackson Reply

    Welcome to the BzzAgent Family 😊
    I am ready for Awesome campaigns and new products .
    Malette Jackson
    Instantgram name is

  80. Nora Tary Reply

    So happy the merge will fulfill more marketing strategies and hit a bigger base of customers and market shoppers ..And also more opportunities for us dedicated #BzzAgent…

  81. Priscila Siqueira Reply

    Trabalho com a BzzAgent já tem um tempo e eu amei demais a experiência e espero que seja melhor ainda com a Power Reviews…

  82. laura b Reply

    I’m so excited and looking forward to working with Power Reviewers and trialling new products

  83. Chantal Reply

    Je suis certaine que, nous allons faire des bonnes affaires ensemble.
    Bonne chance pour le futur. 😃

  84. Christine Broughton Reply

    Congratulations I am very excited and love being a member of BzzAgent. Hopefully I will be invited to try and review NEW campaigns more now. Have a Great Weekend Thanks Christine Broughton

  85. Nadia Reply

    hopefully we will have more campaigns to write reviews about.Looking forward to see what comes next.

  86. Gislaine Cristina Macedo Reply

    Isso é brilhante. Realmente animada com isso. Ótimo para espalhar o Bzz para um público ainda maior. Que venham mais campanhas com as melhores empresas de testes de produtos. 👏❤
    #testers #brands #BzzAgent #PowerReviews #custmers

  87. Liliam Donetti Reply

    Que maravilha receber essa notícia, estou super feliz e vamos trabalhar muito com Power Reviews!

  88. Patricia A Shultis Reply

    The acquisition of BzzAgent is a step in the right direction. It will bring new ideas, new technology. I look forward to being part of the sampling process and giving my review. Our reviews/feedback help companies determine how well their product will be accepted by consumers. Change is good.

  89. Geovana Giusti rocha Reply

    Estou gostando muito da bzz, além do atendimento, a confiança que eles passa pra gente

  90. Barbara Masterson Reply

    I have really enjoyed BzzAgent, so am looking forward to this new adventure. Good Luck!


    Thanks Brian for this wonderful update with this merger of Bzz Agents and Power Reviewers to which I am proud to be a part of. Continue with your great work.

  92. Matt Reply

    I love change. I’m looking forward to our future together.. Looking forward to hearing from you..

  93. Jinny Rojas Reply

    Me encanta Bzzagent .Es una compañía super buena. De la cual ya he recibido varias campañas. Son productos de primera.Cada día me encanta más.

  94. Gerald Wilson Reply

    I’m hoping that the new company will actually contact me, Bzzagent seemed to of lost my account, or overlooked me! i only had two reviews in the 2 years I’ve been with Bzzagent. i really thought of unsubscribing because i was never picked to review their products. I look forward to working with you on reviewing items Thank you

  95. Hannah Reply

    Congratulations! I look forward to working with Power Reviews. I can’t wait to see what the future holds! I have loved being part of Bzzagent and welcome the Great things to come!

  96. Wendy Brooks Reply

    The world is changing on how Companies can review there prooducts, due to the power of the internet and I for one is looking forward to being part of a team where Companies can now become known by the masses instead of by the few. In my experience when trying something for the first time, we the general public relies heavily on review sites, from the luxury of our own computer technologies we can instantly become informed on how the product is being seen by such a diverse mix of people. This can be dissected into just about any term you would like to know about. The possibilities are amazing. The word and voice of the general public gives a non biased account of the products they have honestly tested, by the click of a button the consumer can read different accounts on how the product is being seen, this helps both the commercial sector to become an instant success and helps the consumer by becoming aware of new and different products.

  97. Cookie Singh Reply

    Congrats!!! I hope I can get involved in more sampling campaigns. Even though I turned 61 on July 12th, I can still write reviews on a wide variety of products.

  98. Orlando Alvarez Reply

    Can’t wait to be part of this new program to participate and try new products and give my opions and spread the word.

  99. Javier Freire-Banos Reply

    Looking forward to it all. I did read it as Power Rangers though at the beginning

  100. Fraser Kennedy Reply

    I have been with BzzAgent for over six years I am absolutely thrilled with these changes and the prospect of working with PowerReviews.
    I feel exciting new adventures/surveys looming!.
    Looking forwards to continuing with my input!
    Good Luck!

  101. Beverley Little Reply

    I think this will be just fantastic, can’t wait to start any trials coming up in the future 💖

  102. Debbie Rakes Reply

    Coming from BzzAgent and congrats!!!! Do i need to sign up to get started? I’m ready to go!!!!

  103. Synethia Reply

    I hope I won’t be disappointed with you, bzzagent made me feel comfortable when making my reviews, I’m hoping you all will do the same,

  104. Jacqui McClelland Reply

    Looking foeward to some great trials samples and seeing the future of this new relationship

  105. Dawn Ditzend Reply

    This sounds like it’s going to be exciting working with new company always enjoyed doing bzzagent and hope to get more again very soon

  106. Hayleyp2710 Reply

    I’ve been with buzzagent for several years now and this is very exciting news good things for the future 😀

  107. teri Reply

    Congrats….looks like to be a new , fun and exciting experience for all to come~ Can’t wait~~

  108. Michelle Reply

    Maybe now we’ll actually start getting campaigns!!! For the longest time I haven’t gotten any campaigns in BzzAgent. Was starting to give up!

  109. Debra Jimison Reply

    I am so excited for the change and read to start on a new journey with PowerReviews. Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  110. Amanda Bostock-Jones Reply

    Although Bzz Agent was great, This sounds great, to be able to test products again

  111. Neil Byfleet Reply

    I am very happy that Power reviews have joined the Bzzagent community and very much hope this will allow us all to test more products together in the near future.

  112. tara garrett Reply

    i relay liked the way that all the information was lay out . i was easy to read and i understood everything that was said

  113. Airton Bueno Reply

    Se já era bom, e agora é pra ficar melhor…!!!!Ótimo…….👏👏👏👏👏Muito sucesso pra todos nós……….

  114. Juliana Aparecida Tavares Maia Reply

    Adoro ser uma bzzagent.E depois de td que li,com certeza td vai ser muitoo melhor.Boa sorte

  115. Brandy Madaris Reply

    I can’t wait to start working with you guys! I’ve been working as a BzzAgent for a few years now & I’m ready to open up to new horizens 😀

  116. ginger price Reply

    Congratulations, two very influential companies. Looking forward to hearing from you and sampling and reviews. On even more products.

  117. Shelley Wisdom Reply

    This is a wonderful opportunity for all involved!
    I am pleased to be a part of this exciting enterprise.

  118. Maree Fields Reply

    So happy for the opportunity to work with Power Reviews, looking forward to getting started soon.

  119. Noemi Reply

    It is a wonderful product I recommend 100% I am fascinated with this product. the best one that has worked for me

  120. Jussara nunes Reply

    Eu adoro trabalhar com a bzzAgent e espero poder ajudar nessa nova jornada com mais parceiros … Espero que seja mto produtiva essa nova jornada … 😘😘👏👏👏👏

  121. Denise Derrick-Jones Reply

    Hopefully looking to participate in product testing surveys and leaving feedback . I have been a member since 2012 but I seem to have been overlooked as I have not done any testing for ages.

  122. Jennifer Raska Reply

    I am so excited about the news!!! I have been working for Power Reviews as far as sampling their many products and sharing my experiences all over the world! I hope i get to sample MANY more!!😊 Congrats to BuzzAgent!

  123. Jodi Reply

    Lets hope this move gives long standing bzz agents a chance at reviewing products because I have had nothing in the past few years and been an agent since 2007 but ater posting a bad review, nothing !! Be interesting to see if that changes!

  124. Lajpat Gupta Reply

    I am looking forward to great offers from this merger in the future and i am sure people will like your new platform.

  125. Lyd Anne Fernandes Pelinson Da Silva Ribeiro Reply

    Maravilhoso uma ótima notícia para todos nós…. Parabéns a #BzzAgent e #PowerReviews …

  126. Mrs martinez Reply

    This is great news! I can’t wait to see all the new opportunities we will have. AND to be able to share with my social media groups and channels.

  127. shrijkumar Reply

    I have been with BzzAgent for many years I am excited about the new change and the
    opportunity to work with PowerReviews.

  128. Eve Donaldson Reply

    Love being part of bzz agent just wish I’d get more campaigns. But thanks for having me on board

  129. Kavitah Reply

    I love buzzagent.I am also excited about Power Reviews. Looking forward to try new sample, and reviews. #buzzagent.#Power Reviews. Good luck. ☺

  130. Yuavamaln Sirithanawat Reply

    This is awesome..Wooow Bravo to the team BzzAgent new adventure with PowerReviews!
    So very proud being part of this great excitement trying all good brand quality consumer products.
    Love to buzz – Thank you!

  131. Terry Comeau Reply

    Wow! Sounds incredible. I’m ready, willing and able to take any assignments you have. 🙂

  132. lisa Reply

    i getting free sample because i like new thing or food and i let my facebook people know about the thing that i get from bzzagents thank you very much

  133. KB Reply

    FaNtAsTiC!! Absolutely amazing job!!! Keep up the phenomenal work!!! Continue doing as bring done leading in the right direction!! Positive outcome!! congratulations!!!

  134. Charlotte Reply

    Can’t wait to see how this will benefit us bzzagents. Really looking forward to the new chapter.

  135. Helen Reply

    That’s great news! I am looking forward to reviewing some new products. Slightly disheartening that my score has dropped a bit.

  136. Kirsty Hingston Reply

    oh wow how interesting. ‘powerReviews has increased the number of sampling campaigns in-market by 5x in the last 12 months and typically drive 85% review response rates or higher.’ This right here is incredible 🙂 looking forward to see what happens 🙂 how exciting. Congrats to all parties involved

  137. Michelle Reply

    Sounds like an exciting future ahead for both power reviews and Bzz. Can’t wait to see what happens.i have tested a few things for bzz. Looking forward to see what the future holds for you both.

  138. Melissa White Reply

    This is amazing!!!! Looking forward to the opportunity to work with Power Reviewers. 🙂

  139. Marta Drzewiecka Reply

    I’m so excited and looking forward to working with Power, welcome! it will be nice to work with you in the coming days😁

  140. Barbara Ann KendaLL Reply


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  145. Amber Taniguchi, on Bzzagent, Sky Ishere Reply

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    Great news guys. 👍😊👏👏

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