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It’s been a big year for the PowerReviews moderation team, and we’re excited to officially announce the newest level of support we’ve added to the team! While our best practice moderation processes support more traditional eCommerce brands and retailers, PowerReviews has quickly learned to adapt to a distinctive segment in the ratings and reviews world – highly regulated pharmaceuticals. These brands are governed not only by standard commerce practices, but have an added layer of policies to abide by in the hands of the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

With the complex nature of handling UGC from a highly regulated perspective, PowerReviews is proud to be the first ratings and reviews provider to employ a Pharmacist Consultant, who leads efforts to properly manage reviews generated for pharmaceutical grade products. Savannah, our Pharmacist Consultant, joined our team in early 2016. She holds a Doctorate of Pharmacy, works on staff at a hospital, and serves on the PowerReviews team as the lead for pharmaceutical UGC. With her extensive knowledge and background with pharmaceutical products, she expertly moderates content to ensure that our clients are quickly notified of any and all adverse events, and she also serves as the product expert for all the pharmaceutical brands that are live on the PowerReviews platform.

For each pharmaceutical brand that launches with PowerReviews, Savannah and team take a deep dive to learn all the regulations for the proper use of the product. From off-label use, to mis-dosage, Savannah leads the team in becoming experts on the products themselves, to ensure we are able to maintain the content just as the pharmaceutical brands would do internally. Not only do our team members become experts, but we also maintain a 0-24 hr service level agreement (SLA) for these brands, to ensure we are compliant in reporting adverse events to the FDA per their requirements.

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