The Perfect Review:
At a Glance

When thinking about the concept of “the perfect review,” always remember the purpose of any customer-generated content. Reviews are simply a vehicle for building trust with customers by delivering an authentic depiction of your products.

But what exactly makes a “perfect review?“

See the perfect review below, or

Informative Title
Titles need to grab shopper attention quickly.
Five star reviews are ideal but consumers value authenticity above all.
An artificially-inflated rating will only lead to distrust of your brand.
Verified Buyer
Ensures content is 100% reliable, and more valued by consumers.
Relatable Stories
Real-life accounts of use cases add value and color that is critical to the buying decision.
Reviews longer than 500 characters are proven to generate a greater number of conversions.
Contextual Media
Authentic imagery and video “out in the wild” adds unrivaled credibility.
Profile Info
Specific demographic detail to make content relatable and relevant.

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