Why We [Still] Believe in the Power of Reviews

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Ten years and one day after the founding of PowerReviews, we launch our new website, begin our first Customer Advisory Council, open IRCE as a Silver Sponsor, and– most importantly– release new capabilities to our platform.

Ten Years
A lot has changed in ten years. Shopping’s gone mobile, omnichannel’s become a reality, and after two long years as part of a competitor, PowerReviews is independent and thriving. In the last ten years, consumers have come to rely on ratings and reviews and questions and answers more than ever as they shop online, and increasingly in-store. Shoppers consider the authentic voice of consumers a required part of their shopping experience. They want ratings and reviews and Q&A easily accessible no matter where they are shopping.

The Power of Reviews
When we began work on our new website, we worked to distill our principles into a few words that would reflect the value we deliver to our customers in a way that’s easy to understand and remember. We considered carefully how we wanted to talk about our offerings. Do we try to create a new term that includes star ratings, customer reviews, Q&A, images, and video? Consumer generated content? Customer content management? We decided to keep it simple. Our CEO Matt Moog summarized it perfectly: “Ratings and reviews and questions and answers continue to drive more conversions than any other type of user-generated content and their importance is expanding as consumers expect reviews while shopping online and in-store.” On our new website and in all we do, we are reconfirming our belief in the Power of Reviews.

Drive traffic. Increase sales. Create actionable insights.
These are words that you will see throughout our new site and in our communications.  It’s widely proven that ratings and reviews drive traffic and increase sales. We also know that our most innovative customers are using rating and review and Q&A data to create actionable insights to improve their products and services. At IRCE 2015, Hammacher Schlemmer will talk about just that.

Why PowerReviews?

More reviews. Better insights. Easy.
Especially with the continued growth of mobile and the increasing desire of shoppers to access ratings and reviews in-store, PowerReviews is delivering new solutions to generate more reviews and get those reviews in front of more consumers online and in-store and our new release, focused on mobile shoppers, does just that.

We’ve all worked with difficult vendors; it’s not fun. At PowerReviews, we want to make things easy. From your first call with us, through implementation and optimization, our goal is to be easiest partner you work with.

Why PowerReviews?

Unified platform. Unified Product Catalog. Open Syndication Network.

Unified platform drives innovation. PowerReviews products are built on a single multi-tenant SaaS platform. What does that mean? Innovation. Because we have only one platform to support, we can focus on delivering new capabilities, rather than maintaining two platforms or helping customers migrate from old versions.  This same platform makes it easier for our customers to adopt innovation; when we release a new feature, it’s available to everyone simply by turning the new feature on.

Unified product catalog empowers better insights, faster syndication. “Unified product catalog” is not a sexy term and perhaps needs a more fashionable name. But what it does is amazing. Because we have a single and structured catalog for review and Q&A data, that data is easier for customers to mine for better insights. The same structured catalog also means that we can syndicate content faster than other providers, in one or two days, rather than six to eight weeks.

Open Network increases your reach, faster. The PowerReviews Open Network can reach more than 1 billion in-market shoppers every month, giving retailers and brands the power to reach shoppers wherever they are.

With brands launching new products and retailers adjusting their merchandise mix more quickly than ever, getting reviews in front of more consumers is time sensitive. Our Unified Product Catalog and Open Syndication Network gets more reviews in front of more consumers, faster than anyone else. The sooner the reviews are accessible, the sooner they can begin driving traffic and sales.

The Power of Reviews, Part Two
So here we are, back to driving traffic, increasing sales, and creating actionable insights.  We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished over the past ten years and especially over the last 11 months since our re-launch. We’re proud that more than 100 enterprise customers have switched to PowerReviews. But we also believe that in this evolving retail landscape, the real power of reviews is just beginning to show itself.  With a platform built for innovation, PowerReviews is committed to the future of ratings and reviews. We’re ready to bring more reviews to more consumers online and in-store–and wherever and however they may shop in the next ten years. Easy.