PowerReviews Brand Activation Program

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User-generated content (UGC) has been proven to be a critical part of the consumer’s purchase journey and an indispensable tool to help them make purchase decisions.

 Across the PowerReviews network we have seen
  • 65% Conversion Increase
    Conversion rates for products with 1+ reviews are 65% higher than those without for PowerReviews customers.
  • 108% Traffic Lift
    PowerReviews customers see a 108% lift in traffic on products with reviews compared to those without.

PowerReviews Solution
As a part of the Brand Activation program, PowerReviews now offers more flexible and affordable options for brands to syndicate their content to their retailer partners. As a part of this program, PowerReviews can provide unique solutions based on the brands needs. Ranging from direct syndication to PowerReviews retailers, easy to implement UGC solution, sampling and moderation services.

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