The #1 UGC-Dedicated Analytics Platform on the Planet: UGC Analytics in Action

We recently launched UGC Analytics, the number one UGC-dedicated analytics platform on the planet.

This powerful and game-changing technology – powered by AI and Natural Language Processing – enables you to optimize your product catalog, benchmark product and website performance, and understand, dissect, and improve consumer path to purchase.

Join us for this 60-minute webinar to explore:

  • What makes UGC Analytics the best on the planet
  • The background on why we built UGC Analytics
  • A first glance at this new technology in action
  • And much more

Webinar Speakers

Carol Krakowski, Director of Insights at PowerReviews

Carol Krakowski headshot

Carol Krakowski partners with the Customer Success and Analytics teams at PowerReviews to maximize client value using PowerReviews data. With a passion for telling stories with data, she has more than eight years of experience analyzing ecommerce companies and datasets to power insights for internal and external audiences.

Brandon Matthies, Head of Product Management at PowerReviews

Brandon is focused on building products that help brands and retailers solicit, showcase, analyze and manage UGC content to improve consumer path to purchase and drive more sales.


See the number one UGC-dedicated analytics platform on the planet.

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