PowerReviews Plans


Grow your content and inbound traffic with ratings and reviews.
Collect up to 75 monthly reviews
Features Include:
Google Product Ratings Inline SEO

Our most comprehensive plan, with more features and enhanced support.
Collect a custom amount of reviews
Everything in Business, Plus:
Higher Limits Enhanced Support Customization via API Additional Features and Professional Services

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Can I upgrade to Enterprise if I grow out of my current solution?
Absolutely. Many clients have started on our other solutions and migrated to Enterprise when they wanted to add more products or were collecting a high volume of reviews. If you’re interested in learning more about Enterprise, contact us.
How long will it take to get PowerReviews on my site?
An experienced developer can complete a basic integration with PowerReviews in less than half an hour. Of course, integration times can vary significantly depending on the project’s complexity and the developer’s experience level.
How do I syndicate reviews?
All products that include a UPC and brand names can be syndicated. We will generate a list of websites content can be syndicated to and from. You have the ability to chose among that list.
What brand content can I receive? What retailers can I send my content to?
If you provide us with a list of brands you carry or retailers you sell into, we can tell you if we have syndication relationships with them.
**What happens if I go over the number of monthly unique visitors and post purchase emails included in the solution I choose?
You will be billed an overage fee any month you exceed your allotted monthly unique visitors or emails. The cost for each additional email over your limit is $0.10. The cost per additional 10,000 page views is $100.

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