Brand Engage

Enabling brands to answer purchase-blocking questions directly on retailer sites

Impact sales across the network

Shoppers have questions about products prior to making a purchase and sometimes they’re answered slowly or not at all, impacting overall ecommerce sales. Brand Engage enables any brand, whether you’re already partnered with PowerReviews or not yet, to quickly provide conversion-lifting answers to product questions asked on retailer sites and engage with future customers no matter where they shop.


Streamline your engagement with active shoppers

Access all of your brand’s shopper questions and share authentic and trustworthy answers through a streamlined, easy-to-use interface.

Immediately answer purchase-blocking questions

Get notified when shoppers ask questions about your brand’s products and provide brand-trusted answers while filling your retailer product pages with valuable content.


Get started answering questions for free

Access your question queue today and begin answering questions from shoppers. Don’t believe us? One brand signed up with Brand Engage in 30 minutes and answered over 50 questions about their products in the first day using the tool.

Coming Soon!

Seeding Questions

Providing answers to purchase-blocking questions for new or existing products is proven to drive conversion.  In fact, PowerReviews clients have seen an 82% lift in conversion for products with answered questions compared to those without.  If you’re interested in filling your retailer product pages with frequently asked questions and answers from your brand experts, email us at and we’ll notify you as soon as this functionality is available!


Responding to Reviews

Respond to customer reviews improves brand loyalty, but helps improve overall buying confidence.  If you’re interested in responding to customer reviews directly on retailer sites, email us at and we’ll notify you as soon as this functionality is available!