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Our research found that nearly half of shoppers say they’ll turn to a search engine if there aren’t reviews (or aren’t enough reviews) for a product on a brand or retailer site and 25% will head to Amazon. Increasing product coverage (the number of products that have reviews) and review depth (the number of reviews per product) is essential for retailers and brands looking to connect with consumers and compete and win.

More Traffic

Average traffic lift when a product adds at least one review.

More Sales

Average sales lift when a product adds at least one review.

Higher Conversion

Average conversion lift when a product adds at least one review.

Post-Purchase Email

Collect more reviews, more quickly through fully responsive, easily customizable, automated emails to your shoppers. More than 60% of reviews are generated as a result of a post-purchase email. We can send the messages for you or we can easily integrate into any email system or workflow.


Fifty-five percent of consumers who don’t write reviews say they need motivation to do so. PowerReviews offers a sweepstakes program designed to allow you to offer an incentive to your customers with minimal effort. PowerReviews clients that use a sweepstakes have improved their review generation by up to 83%.

Product Sampling

Product Sampling is an effective way to collect reviews for new, seasonal and targeted products. You can send samples to your own list of customers or access the PowerReviews On-Demand Community of reviewers to generate quality content for a specific demographic audience. PowerReviews has executed sampling campaigns for products at a variety of price points.

In-Store Review Collection

Though ecommerce continues to grow, a majority of sales still happen in a physical store. PowerReviews helps you leverage your existing rewards or loyalty program to generate content from in-store shoppers with a seamless process that connects them to your site to share their product feedback.

Review Your Purchases

60% of consumer orders in the PowerReviews network have more than one product per order. Review Your Purchases allows consumers to quickly review all purchases within a single page, helping brands and retailers increase overall product coverage and generate a high volume of quality content. A large sports retailer experienced a 75% increase in reviews collected year over year after implementing Review Your Purchases.

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