PowerReviews vs Yotpo:

Try a UGC Vendor Obsessed with YOUR business growth

If you’re shopping Ratings & Reviews vendors, you may be assessing Yotpo competitors. Here are some of the many reasons we’re way better.

Conversion-driven. Better Support. Superior Analytics. Get Reviews to Amazon and Your Chosen Retailers.

Expand Your Reach with Content Syndication

We Get Your Reviews Content to Places Yotpo Can’t, including Amazon

We have direct syndication relationships with 150+ retailers including Target, Ulta, Zappos, Shoppers Drug Mart and many more. Critically, we also have a relationship with Amazon – which enables you to display your review content there.

Power Improvement with Data

We promote a conversion-first strategy

Yotpo will try to sell you on a bunch of features that at best make no difference, and at worst cause you to lose sales. Because of our powerful UGC Analytics platform (keep scrolling), our review collection and display methodologies are backed with data. We are growth obsessed, after all.


If you want to work with a vendor that provides conversion rather than aesthetic-first recommendations and advice, reach out to PowerReviews. For example:

Power Constant Improvement with Data

We have the Number 1 UGC-Dedicated Analytics Platform on the Planet

Our UGC Analytics platform – powered by AI and Natural Language Processing – is a collection of reporting solutions trained on ratings and reviews. You do not need to use our Ratings & Reviews technology to leverage UGC Analytics.

Analyze. Benchmark. Grow.

Analyze. Benchmark. Grow.

PowerReviews logo
Competitor Benchmarking
Product Level Sentiment Analytics
Interactive Data Visualization
Custom Report Builder
Scheduled Push Reporting
Analyst-Curated Report Option
Consumer Interaction with Review Insight
Review Display vs Review Collection Reporting
Potential Syndication Partners Insights

Maximize Conversions and Sales

Superior Site Experience for Your Customers

PowerReviews has the lightest code of all UGC vendors, which means significantly faster load speeds. This isn’t just our opinion, it’s the result of research by independent site speed experts YOTTAA:

Expert Guidance to Steer Your Growth

Superior Support: People not Tickets

Brands migrating to PowerReviews often talk about their inability to reach their account team at Yotpo.


At PowerReviews, you are assigned a dedicated account team – which includes your Customer Success Manager, Account Manager, and Technical Services Manager. All your interactions are with the same team of people, not through a cumbersome ticketing system.

G2 Verified Leader

Best Solution on the Market
Best Solution on the Market
Administrator in Retail
“[Our support team is] always calling us about new capabilities, and they're so invested in our growth. PowerReviews has been an amazing partner.”
Great Customer Success Managers
Great Customer Success Managers
Manager, Online Optimization
"What I like best about Power Reviews is their genuine passion for their customers' success. [They are] always quick to respond to any emails, and offering new and fresh ideas on ways we can optimize our ratings, reviews, and UGC."
Enjoyable Experience with PowerReviews
Enjoyable Experience with PowerReviews
User in Consumer Goods
"Very helpful in not only getting the functionality up quickly and seamlessly during onboarding but also sharing new features, troubleshooting site issues, and working with our brand to expand review coverage."

Generate Better Quality Reviews in Larger Volumes

The most cost-effective Product Sampling available (Yotpo doesn't even do this)

Accelerate your UGC collection strategies with the best and most effective product sampling program available (Yotpo doesn’t even offer product sampling).

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Reviews Generated
Review Submission Rate
1 %
40- 41 %
Volume of Samples Required
715- 1000
43% - 115% price difference

Maximize Repeat Conversions and Sales

Best of both worlds Ratings and Reviews-Customer Loyalty integration

PowerReviews integrates seamlessly with the best customer loyalty platforms available to give you the best of both worlds. By comparison, Yotpo offers an inferior single customer loyalty and ratings and reviews technology platform.

Jelly Belly's Zinrelo-PowerReviews integration yielded:

0 %
repeat-purchase revenue increase*
0 %
increase in customer retention*
0 x
above industry average review volume**
*Results are a comparison of the seven month period prior to implementing the Zinrelo-PowerReviews integration and the three month period immediately afterwards.
**Review submission rate in the three months post PowerReviews-Zinrelo integration is now more than double the food and beverage industry average. For the 12 months immediately prior to the integration, it was 70% of the industry average.

Ease of Use

Flexibility to Integrate Equally Effectively with Your Ecommerce Platform of Choice

PowerReviews is the most flexible Ratings & Reviews platform available and can integrate with any ecommerce platform of your choice via our sophisticated APIs and cartridges.

PowerReviews is trusted by the up-and-comers and the established players to drive growth

What are you waiting for?

Conversion driven. Better Support. Superior Analytics. Get Reviews to Amazon and Your Chosen Retailers.