4 Steps to Success With Generation Z

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How Brands and Retailers Can Kick-Start Their Centennial Strategy

Centennials. Generation Z. Regardless of what you choose to call them, the next generation of shoppers, age 13-18 and born around the turn of the century, are growing up fast. Today, this  generation has $44 million in annual spending power. And this number will continue to grow as Centennials age and enter the workforce.

Now is the time for brands and retailers to better understand the shopping habits of Centennials and start thinking about how to be successful with the next generation of shoppers. Read on for four steps to kick start your Centennial strategy, based on data from our recent Centennial Shopper Study.

1. Put review content front and center on your website

95% of Generation Z shoppers read reviews prior to making a purchase and 64% read at least four reviews before they buy. It’s clear that the next generation is hungry for information, so it’s important to make it easy for Centennials to find what they’re looking for. Prominently display review content on the category and product details pages of your website, rather than burying it behind tabs or at the very bottom of the page.

2. Optimize your website for mobile
More than half of Centennials prefer to browse for products on a laptop or desktop computer, but mobile phones are a close second. In fact, 37% of Centennial shoppers prefer to browse for products on a mobile phone. It’s essential that your website is optimized for mobile so shoppers can find the information they’re looking for and have a positive experience on your website — regardless of the device they’re using to browse and purchase.

3. Collect photos and videos as part of reviews.

It’s clear that reviews are an important part of the purchase journey for Centennials. But when it comes to review content, don’t just look at using text. Centennials want to see photos of the product in action — how other people like them are using the product in real life. In fact, 40% of this generation won’t purchase a product if there are no photos of people using the product. So, it’s important to allow your shoppers to submit a photo or video as part of their review.

4. Insist on transparency and authenticity

Centennials are smart. They know that a product can’t be all things to all people, and if all the reviews for a product are positive, they get suspicious. In fact, nearly half of Centennials said they wouldn’t trust a product’s reviews if there were no negative reviews present. Consumers trust reviews as the true voice of other consumers, so it’s key to have measures in place to ensure your reviews are transparent and authentic. For starters, don’t delete negative reviews. And identify reviews that resulted from promotions or free samples. Embrace transparency and trust consumers to make up their own minds.

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