Six Ways to Improve Your Business with Insights From Reviews

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By now, you’ve likely heard the stats about how user-generated content — particularly
ratings and reviews — drive traffic and sales. But in case you haven’t…on average, when a product adds one or more reviews, that product experiences a 108% lift in traffic, a 65% lift in conversion and a 92% lift in sales.

In addition to driving traffic and sales, reviews — both positive and negative — are also full of valuable insights that can help you improve your business. Read on to learn six ways you can start using the insights from customer reviews to improve your products and the overall customer experience.

1. Fix a Product Flaw
A negative review or two may tip you off to something that is a legitimate – and correctable – gripe. For example, Hammacher Schlemmer, a PowerReviews customer, noticed that a watch they sold on their website had an average star rating of 2.7. After digging into the reviews for the watch, the company noticed that several customers mentioned the clasp on the watch wasn’t working. Hammacher Schlemmer took this information to their manufacturer to change the clasp, and the average star rating for the watch climbed to 4.7.

2. Add a New Feature
If enough shoppers mention a relatively easy enhancement that could provide a benefit, consider adding it. For example, let’s say you’re a sportswear brand. You observe that several reviews suggest adding a zipper to the pocket of one of your running jackets, to ensure personal belongings don’t fall out while running. So, you work with the manufacturer to add a zipper to the product. Once you add this feature, you notice that many reviewers sing the praises of the new zipper and your overall star rating soars.

3. Enhance Your Product Descriptions
Sometimes, a negative review is the result of a buyer not having a clear understanding of the product’s details. For example, you’re a luggage brand, and you notice for one particular suitcase, several reviews mention that they expected the handle of the suitcase to be leather, when it’s actually foam. You use this as an opportunity to add a statement similar to this in the product description:

“Foam handle for more comfortable carrying.”

Now, future shoppers have a more accurate picture of what to expect from your product, and they can use this information to find the products that best fit their needs.

4. Improve Instructions
Imagine you’re a brand that sells home furnishings. You note that the reviews for a children’s dresser aren’t so great. Shoppers love the design, but several mention that it’s extremely confusing and time consuming to assemble. Use this as an opportunity to simplify the assembly instructions that are sent with this item.

5. Highlight an Unsung Feature
Most likely, there are certain product features that you tout the most. But by examining your product reviews, you might identify other product features that you’ve overlooked — but are important to your customers. Consider adding these features in your product descriptions.

6. Build Customer Loyalty
If you improve your product or another element of the customer experience based on feedback from reviews, let your customers know. People want to feel like their voices are heard. And acting on their feedback — then letting them know you’ve done so — will help you forge even deeper connections with your customers.

Start Identifying Actionable Insights Today
Ready to start identifying insights that can help you  improve your products and the customer experience? If you’re an existing PowerReviews customer, contact your Client Success Director to learn more about identifying actionable insights in your review content. If you’re not an existing customer, schedule a demo today to learn how you can drive traffic, sales and insights with ratings and reviews.