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Drive Results With Ratings and Reviews

Ratings and reviews have become a key part of the consumer path to purchase. Nearly all shoppers — 95% — consult ratings and reviews while shopping. And 86% consider reviews an essential resource when making a purchase decision.

Reviews aren’t just beneficial to consumers as they browse for products and services. They’re also good for your business’ bottom line — driving traffic, sales and insights.

Traffic Lift

Average traffic increase to a product page when you start generating reviews.

Sales Lift

Average sales increase once a product starts generating reviews.

Conversion Rate Lift

Average conversion rate increase once a product starts generating reviews.

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Reviews Drive Traffic

Research shows that more than a third of shoppers choose to start the purchase journey on a search engine, compared to 21% that start directly on a brand or retailer site.

Ratings and reviews help ensure your product pages are displaying in search engine results by improving relevance and freshness of content with keyword-rich, permanent assets on those product pages. Products experience an average 108% traffic lift when one or more reviews are added.

Reviews Increase Sales

Businesses that add reviews can expect a boost in revenue. On average, PowerReviews customers see a 92% sales lift on a product once it generates at least one review.

Reviews Increase Conversion

When you give shoppers all of the information they’re looking for — including ratings and reviews — they’re more likely to convert. At PowerReviews, we’ve found that when a product without reviews adds one or more reviews, the conversion rate for that product increases by 65%, on average.

Reviews Improve Products and the Shopping Experience

Reviews are a great source of actionable insights. Brands and retailers can leverage these insights to improve products, website content and the overall customer experience.

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