iReview – What Would an Apple Watch Review Say?

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If you’ve ever tried to look for reviews of iPods, iPhones or Macbooks – you may have noticed that Apple doesn’t collect or host reviews on its site. So with all the excitement around the Apple Watch, we were curious – what would a review snapshot for the Apple Watch actually look like?

About a dozen journalists and tech reviewers were lucky enough to get receive an Apple Watch in advance of its release and test how it actually performed in their everyday lives. We analyzed 12 first-hand reviews of the watch looking for the most commonly cited pros, cons and best uses.

While just about everyone could agree that the watch was a fashionable accessory with a great notification center, the reviewers weren’t all on the same page with many other aspects of the watch such as battery life, currently available apps or speed.

Overall, the reaction to the Apple Watch was lukewarm with many reviewers suggesting consumers wait for the second generation of the device. As consumers start to get their hands on the watch, Apple stands to gain an immense amount of insight from tapping into their feedback.