The Perfect Review at a Glance

What makes the “perfect review”? Our infographic highlights all the key elements.

How to Target Authentic Customers With Product Sampling (& Generate More Content)

Product sampling is one of the fastest ways to receive customer-generated reviews. But it’s not just about the volume of your reviews; it’s …


Your Questions Answered: Everyday Influencers and Authentic Social Content

Everyday Influencers are consumers with significantly smaller follower footprints than celebrities. But crucially, the followers they do have tru…

How to create authentic digital engagement in COVID-19 era

Digital engagement is way up in the coronavirus period, but brands need to communicate with empathy and authenticity to have a positive impact.…

PowerReviews webinar header image of girl looking at computer

Five ways to Illuminate the Path to Purchase with More Customer-Generated Content

In a world where we are all information-rich, the days when customers make purchase decisions without thoroughly researching them first are long …

How to build brand authenticity through customer feedback

Brands have the power to use customer feedback to increase authenticity–but how do you collect their content?…

Yotpo Brands Invited to Open Network

How PowerReviews Is Expanding the Open Network With the Addition of Yotpo Brands

See how the PowerReviews Open Network is expanding with the addition of Yotpo brands.…

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