The Perfect Review at a Glance

What makes the “perfect review”? Our infographic highlights all the key elements.

How COVID-19 Changed Online Reviews

Do ratings and reviews matter more or less in a global pandemic? Do they have a stronger impact on conversions than before? Here’s what we foun…

How to Collect Reviews as a Non-eCommerce Company

You don’t need a transactional website to collect reviews. There are plenty of success stories from non-ecommerce brands who collect real, posi…

PowerReviews Market Trends Snapshot – January 2021

Post-Holiday Edition: Review Submission Volumes Surge…

Make Yourself a Hero: How Insights from User-Generated Content Can Have Far-Reaching Impact for Teams Across Your Business

While sales growth is certainly an important benefit of UGC, it’s far from the only one. In fact, there’s another huge plus of collecting thi…

Market Trends Snapshot – December 2020, Cyber 5 Edition

Ecommerce purchase volumes surge at a far more pronounced rate than in 2019; review influence on purchase decisions also increases significantly …

50 Top-Rated Gifts this Holiday Season

Need help finding the best products to gift your loved ones (or yourself) this holiday season? Look no further. We’ve rounded up the best-rated…

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