How to build brand authenticity through customer feedback

Customer opinions hold more weight than ever–follow these three best practices to collect high quality customer-generated content.

Customer Feedback blog feature

How to create authentic digital engagement in COVID-19 Era

Digital engagement is way up in the coronavirus period, but brands need to communicate with empathy and authenticity to have a positive impact.…

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Five ways to Illuminate the Path to Purchase with More Customer-Generated Content

In a world where we are all information-rich, the days when customers make purchase decisions without thoroughly researching them first are long …

How to build brand authenticity through customer feedback

Brands have the power to use customer feedback to increase authenticity–but how do you collect their content?…

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How PowerReviews Is Expanding the Open Network With the Addition of Yotpo Brands

See how the PowerReviews Open Network is expanding with the addition of Yotpo brands.…

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The 3 Biggest Takeaways From Brands & Retailers at the 2019 Hoboken Hackathon

What takeaways did we uncover at this year's Hoboken Hackathon? See our top three insights here.…

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Prep for the Ecommerce Rush: Last-Minute Holiday Marketing Checklist

See our list of holiday marketing tips.…

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