Introducing Product Pulse: An Advanced Product Review Analysis Solution

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At this point, everyone knows the value of authentic user-generated content (UGC). We know that UGC–including ratings and reviews, photos and videos–drives trust, sales and traffic for brands and retailers. But they also do much more than that.

Reviews provide you with a goldmine of insights into how customers truly feel about your products and what they value most. This means UGC can also impact a brand’s product, SEO and marketing efforts in a major way.

Ratings provide guidance around the overall sentiment toward a product, but what about your in-depth comments consumers leave within their reviews? More often than not, these comments uncover hidden insights that significantly help product managers, SEOs or a director of marketing to optimize messaging, improve organic rankings or make data-backed product decisions.

It’s no secret these insights are embedded in the feedback brands and retailers receive on a daily basis. It’s really difficult and time consuming to properly distill that information and then use it to fuel actions within an organization.

Content Analysis for Reviews: The Old Way

Here’s how review content analysis currently happens:

Your team reads dozens, hundreds or even thousands of reviews and then spends countless hours pinpointing trends and drawing conclusions derived from this qualitative information.

Even if you have the resources to read every review, it’s impossible to do so without bringing preconceived notions, internal assumptions or natural biases into your analysis. And even if you overcome both of these obstacles, how do you get these insights to colleagues across your organization to drive consumer-backed decisions?

Nobody’s got time for that!

But there’s good news. We heard these challenges and made it our mission to help solve them. To truly unlock the full value of reviews, they must be easily leveraged.

And not only as a mechanism for driving traffic, but as an essential source of consumer feedback. We wanted to create a review analytics solution that was intuitive, digestible, trustworthy and didn’t require countless resources.

Meet Product Pulse: The New Path to Easier Review Content Analysis

Product Pulse is the first advanced-analytics solution using natural language processing and sentiment analysis to surface actionable insights and deliver them to you in an intuitive, unbiased report at a product or category level.

So, how does it work?

Product Pulse is powered by our Intelligence Engine, which has processed more than 40 million consumer product reviews (and counting) to help brands and retailers uncover more than 2 million unique topics with 5 million unique opinions.

Whether you want to optimize the messaging on your site, make data-backed product decisions or identify new keywords for SEO efforts, Product Pulse makes it simple to leverage incredibly detailed insights across your organization.

Product Pulse is the first of many PowerReviews products to be powered by the Intelligence Engine and leverage consumer reviews as a key source for decision making. Be on the lookout for more solutions coming soon!

Learn more about Product Pulse in our Launch Announcement.

Bill Sutton

Bill Sutton is a product manager at PowerReviews passionate about identifying organizations' core challenges and building effective technical solutions to address them.