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Soft Surroundings kicks off partnership with PowerReviews with a smooth implementation

Soft Surroundings, headquartered in St. Louis, MO, is a leading women’s clothing and bedding retailer, with 35 locations throughout the United States. Soft Surroundings has been a PowerReviews client since 2014.


The Challenge

The team at Soft Surroundings understands that reviews play a key role in driving traffic and sales. They also understand that reviews provide valuable insights that can help the company better serve its customers. Because Soft Surroundings makes and designs all of their apparel in-house, they use the feedback from reviews to improve their products. “When we get feedback, it goes directly to our technical design team,” said Gail Buffington, eCommerce Manager. “The quicker we get feedback, the quicker we can resolve issues.”

However, Soft Surroundings wasn’t happy with their former ratings and reviews software provider. They found that if they needed to make any changes to their review display, they had to start from scratch, a process that was cumbersome and time consuming. Soft Surroundings viewed this challenge as an opportunity to find a ratings and reviews partner that would better suit their needs.

“Since we finished the implementation with PowerReviews, things have been running really smoothly. And we’ve been able to get any outstanding items resolved quickly.”

- Gail Buffington, eCommerce Manager

“The entire implementation was simple and straightforward. We were able to complete the process with very little disruption to our daily routine.”

- Beau Borucki, Programmer/Analyst

The Solution

Soft Surroundings began their search for a ratings and reviews solution that offered everything their previous provider did, but at a better price and with more functionality. After a few initial meetings, the company made the decision to partner with PowerReviews.

“It was a really easy decision for us,” said Buffington. “In fact, we were able to make the decision more quickly than with any other vendor.”

The Implementation Process

PowerReviews and Soft Surroundings worked together from start to finish to ensure the implementation process was a success. Open communication on both ends allowed for a seamless process, and the team at Soft Surroundings was pleased to find that the transition from another ratings and reviews provider was quick and simple. In fact, the process of loading historic data from their previous provider only took about 10 minutes. “The entire implementation was simple and straightforward,” said Beau Borucki, Programmer/Analyst at Soft Surroundings. “We were able to complete the process with very little disruption to our daily routine.”

For Soft Surroundings, uncovering insights from reviews is crucial, as these insights help the company quickly identify areas for improvement. Soft Surroundings has found the PowerReviews analytics dashboard to be very user-friendly, and the team was quickly able to get up to speed on how to find the data they need. “Our usual analyst was out for a couple days, so another analyst had to jump in,” said Buffington. “Even without training, she was able to get up to speed in a matter of minutes.”

What’s Next

Since implementation, Soft Surroundings has set out to collect even more reviews and leverage those reviews to improve products and drive sales. “Since we finished the implementation with PowerReviews, things have been running really smoothly,” concluded Buffington, “And we’ve been able to get any outstanding items resolved quickly.”

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