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Webinar: The Growing Power of Reviews

How consumer dependence on user-generated content continues to evolve

There was once a time (in the not so distant past) when the idea of asking for feedback from consumers — then displaying that feedback for the world to see — was a pretty radical concept. But that has all changed — and quickly. Today, consumers have come to expect easily accessible information to aid their purchase decisions. And increasingly, they want this information to come from others like them in the form of ratings and reviews.

More than three years ago, PowerReviews set out to better understand the the role ratings and reviews play in consumer decision making and found that nearly all consumers (95%) read reviews and 86% considered them an essential resource when making purchase decisions. However, we recognize that in today’s fast-paced world, consumer behavior continues to evolve.

To better understand how consumer dependence on reviews has changed over the course of the past three years, PowerReviews surveyed more than 1,000 American consumers to explore how they use reviews when making purchase decisions. During this webinar, Ryann Bird, PowerReviews Manager of Client Success, will share key findings from this research and provide recommendations for businesses looking to leverage ratings and reviews to better meet the ever-changing expectations of today’s consumers. She’ll cover:

  • How and where shoppers consume reviews
  • The ways reviews influence purchase behavior
  • Why consumers are (and aren’t) writing reviews
  • And more

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Featured Presenter

Ryann Bird | Manager, Client Success

Ryann oversees a talented group of Client Success Directors as they help clients generate content, increase traffic to their sites, and utilize tools and features. Through hands-on training and consultative instruction, her team is equipped to help clients with innovative strategies aimed at making UGC a striking feature of their sites. Ryann’s background in client success in different industries allows her to bring a unique perspective to this role. Prior to joining PowerReviews, Ryann worked as a Client Service Specialist at, a technology company that connects colleges with potential students.

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