PowerReviews Reinvents Traditional Mystery Shopping With Journey IQ

journey IQ mystery shoppers

PowerReviews connects leading retailers and brands with their customers to improve the customer experience through new and innovative mystery shopping offering.

CHICAGO, IL – July 9, 2019 – PowerReviews announces that Journey IQ has successfully transformed the mystery shopping industry by enabling leading brands and retailers to recruit within their customer base and send customers on mystery shopping missions. This innovative approach to mystery shopping has strengthened customer relationships and transformed the in-store experience for both retailers and their shoppers. Retailers report receiving deep operational insights at a much lower cost while seeing a significant rise in customer satisfaction, loyalty and financial performance. Leveraging customers as mystery shoppers results in a win-win proposition with 99% of customers indicating they want to be invited to another mystery shop and 50% of those customers indicating they made an unprompted purchase while completing their mystery shopping mission.

Unlike traditional mystery shopping, which uses a third-party network of consumers and pays cash for shoppers’ time, Journey IQ rewards already loyal customers with incentives like loyalty points or discounts on future purchases. The solution also provides highly accurate, in-the-moment data captured from a company’s most trusted and valued source — their customers.

“We’ve used Journey IQ to create a tailored mission that will help ensure we’re measuring the behaviors that we’ve worked hard to train our team on. Sur La Table has high standards for how we treat our guests, and this program gives us visibility into our effectiveness and lets us know where we’re exceeding expectations and where we might need to improve. The ROI has been clear, and our guests have given us great feedback on the program,” said Stephanie Winkler, Director of Store Operations at Sur La Table.

“We are always looking for new innovative ways to provide value to the retailer, the brand and the customer. Journey IQ has not let us down. We are excited to announce we have received adoption from 30 of the top brands and retailers, delivering to them a new mystery shopping approach that drives authentic consumer feedback, guides better in-store experiences, and ultimately delivers strong financial performance,” said Matt Moog, CEO at PowerReviews.

Built from a decade of experience working with mystery shopping clients seeking a better solution, Journey IQ delivers a smarter, more scalable solution to the market that enables clients to recruit their own customers as mystery shoppers, bringing more representative and actionable insights around the customer experience with real-time, advanced dashboard tools.

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