How PowerReviews Is Expanding the Open Network With the Addition of Yotpo Brands

Yotpo Brands Invited to Open Network

A major milestone is coming to the PowerReviews Open Network in an effort to help brands and retailers reach even more customers. PowerReviews is excited to announce an agreement with Yotpo, inviting Yotpo brands to join the Open Network to display content to billions of customers already shopping within the network.

Since launching the Open Network, PowerReviews has committed to the idea of an “open network” for all brands and retailers. On top of that commitment, PowerReviews also established new products and features to continually improve the amount of customer-generated content syndicated within the network.

The agreement not only benefits the brands and retailers sharing content through the Open Network, but it also gives shoppers more content to confidently make purchases both online and in-store. This ensures consumers will continue to have access to trustworthy and authentic content to make more informed purchasing decisions.

“The syndication agreement with Yotpo demonstrates the power of an open network to the benefit of consumers, retailers and brands,” said Matt Moog, CEO of PowerReviews. “Providing Yotpo’s brand clients with greater reach will benefit consumers, brands and retailers.”

The Value of Customer-Generated Content & Feedback

We know that customer-generated content such as ratings and reviews plays a critical role in the shopping experience, and it also leverages purchasing decisions in various ways, including:

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of consumers saying they wouldn’t shop online unless there were customer reviews.

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of consumers saying they research reviews online before buying a product in-store.

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of consumers specifically seek out diverse customer reviews such as negative reviews before making a purchase.

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of retailers’ review content comes from syndication.

The continuous growth of the Open Network now boasts 30 of the world’s largest retailers such as Walmart/, Target, Ulta, BJ’s Wholesale Club, Dillard’s, Dollar General, P.C. Richard, West Marine, Zappos, Nebraska Furniture Mart, Stage Stores, Shoe Carnival and Ace Hardware. These major retailers are among the 150+ already sharing content in the network.

“We continue to see incredible growth around the Open Network and this agreement with Yotpo only drives our momentum further,” said Sara Rossio, chief product officer of PowerReviews. “Brands and retailers have unanimously called for an Open Network that eliminates cost-prohibitive access fees for brands to share their content. And with the invitation to Yotpo brands, PowerReviews will only reaffirm its support of a truly open network by offering direct syndication to even more major brands.”

Why We’re Extending the Invitation

We believe the invitation to Yotpo brands will help both brands and retailers increase sales by collecting and displaying more customer-generated content. For example, when brands move from zero to at least one review on product pages, the traffic, sales and conversion rate increases dramatically:

PowerReviews-adding ratings and reviews graphic

Once brands collect authentic and fresh content, shoppers are exposed to more customer reviews and product experiences across various ecommerce sites. This ultimately helps customers solidify their purchasing decisions with increased transparency.

Sticking to Our Commitment

Our goal is to provide and grow an open network where retailers, brands and ultimately consumers win. PowerReviews believes retailers should have the opportunity to control the content that appears on their sites, as well as syndication access to the content around their products from various sites, no matter where it originated.

We’re committed to helping brands and retailers distribute content to help increase sales, traffic and conversion rates through a continuously growing open network. The addition of Yotpo brands in the PowerReviews Open Network will only help us expand our customers’ reach.

About PowerReviews

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