The Importance of Size and Fit Information for Reducing Apparel Returns

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One of the biggest challenges apparel companies face is the large volume of returns. According to a survey from Body Labs, 23% of all clothing gets returned, and 64% of consumers say incorrect fit is the primary reason they return clothing.

Apparel brands and retailers will never be able to completely eliminate returns, but one of the most effective ways for apparel companies to reduce return rates is to make sure shoppers know exactly what to expect from a product. Your product descriptions and professional photos have their part to play, but consumers can get even richer insights from the reviews of previous customers.

Size and Fit Information Helps Customers Find the Best Product
Shoppers can turn to the size and fit information in reviews to make sure they’re purchasing the size that will work best for them. For example, if a shopper sees that a pair of shoes runs large, he can confidently order the shoe in a size smaller than he typically wears. The shoes will fit correctly and the retailer will avoid an unnecessary return.

Ask your ratings and reviews provider if they offer an easy way to capture size and fit information from your consumers and display it on your product pages to increase buyer confidence and help consumers make the right purchase decision.

Reducing apparel returns with fit information in customer reviews

Visual Content Sets Expectations
Photos and videos provide shoppers with an accurate picture of what to expect from a purchase so there are fewer surprises when the item arrives in the mail. The professional photos on your site are a great start, but allowing reviewers to submit their own photos adds a level of authenticity and allows future shoppers to see what a product looks like “in real life.” In fact, many shoppers won’t purchase apparel online without these user generated images. PowerReviews research found that 40% of Centennials (age 13-18) won’t purchase a product if there are no photos of people using the product. Armed with this visual information, the shopper can make a well-informed purchase and be less likely to return the product.

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If you’re not already, start asking your shoppers to submit photos and videos as part of their reviews. Not only will this allow future shoppers to see what your products look like on various body types, it’ll also give them ideas of different ways to accessorize. For example, a shopper might be looking for a dress for an upcoming special event, and she notices that another consumer posted a photo of herself wearing the dress with a cardigan and a necklace. The shopper then adds all three items to her shopping cart.

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