Review Content Syndication

Share Reviews to Top Retail Sites or Encourage Your Brands to Share Content With You.

Expand Your Reach

OK, you have reviews. Now let’s put them to work for you. Content syndication allows brands to share reviews with top retailer sites. We leverage our unified product catalog and multi-tiered approach to product matching to quickly distribute relevant reviews to major search engines and retailer sites—presenting product-specific information to curious consumers as they search and shop. With the fastest, most accurate product matching in the industry, The Open Network improves the visibility and reach of content to boost online and in-store sales.

Reach Consumers at the Moment of Purchase

The Open Network helps you engage consumers at the moment of purchase, driving traffic, increasing sales, and growing brand loyalty and repeat business. And Marketplace Sharing for Amazon allows you to grow review coverage on Amazon.

For Brands . . .

With 86% of consumers saying reviews are essential while shopping, it’s important to display high quality, relevant content on your site and across the web. Syndication allows you to amplify the reach of your review content across a vast network of 2,500 major retailers and search engines so shoppers can find the information they’re looking for about your products.


. . . and Retailers

On average, retailers get 58% of their review content from syndication. This increased review coverage and overall volume leads to higher impression and conversion rates on your product pages. Syndication allows retailers to benefit from 35 million brand reviews available across the network without having to collect them.


With Our Expanded Distribution Network

PowerReviews distributes authentic review content from brands to ecommerce retailers to make more content available to consumers, regardless of their rating and review technology platform. With the Open Network supporting multiple technology platforms, including in-house solutions, PowerReviews is innovating to support the industry’s demand for an open, expanded network.

Read our position paper to learn more about the Open Network.

Why PowerReviews?

See how we give brands and retailers the opportunity to generate and syndicate more authentic content faster and easier than anyone else in the industry.

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