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Community engagement has always been a pivotal part of the WEBS business model, as many crafters seek their peers’ advice and inspiration about products and projects. Since 2011, WEBS has partnered with PowerReviews to collect authentic content, foster brand loyalty and deepen engagement with their community.


WEBS - America’s Yarn Store Taps into the Magic of Makers and UGC to Weave an Inspired Online Customer Community

The Company

WEBS — America’s Yarn Store has delivered quality fiber products and outstanding customer service to knitters, crocheters, weavers, spinners and other fiber enthusiasts since 1974. The company’s recent acquisition by LoveCrafts — the leading provider of knitting and crochet supplies — now puts more yarn and crafts into the hands of makers worldwide.

Dominating Google Search Rankings with UGC

With 12,000 different products ranging from patterns and yarns to a variety of tools, WEBS has grown to become an SEO powerhouse with most of its products ranking No. 1 or 2 on Google search rankings. This is due in large part to the maturity and sophistication of WEBS user-generated content (UGC) strategy and how it has leveraged the many features PowerReviews has to offer throughout the years.

Delivering Answers in a Digital-First World

In March of 2020 after the COVID-19 pandemic took hold of the world, many people found themselves spending a lot of time at home and seeking new hobbies to pass new found idle time. For WEBS, this triggered a massive influx of new knitters, as well as a fresh wave of booming business from existing customers. 


Fortunately, WEBS already had PowerReviews Question & Answer solution as a key component of its UGC strategy and software suite. This enabled the company to help its customers get the answers they needed while its retail shop in Northampton, Mass., was shut down and the business became almost 100 percent digital. 


By leveraging Q&A to break down information barriers and to encourage confident purchases,  WEBS saw its sales conversion rates jump considerably. “We have seen an 11.9% conversion lift with Q&A interactors,” said Jackie Veroneau, WEBS’ Ecommerce Manager.

“We added the Q&A solution just a few months before the Covid shutdowns started,” she said. “We envisioned this to be an additional customer communications channel and to lighten the load of our customer service team, which it did, but it also became a great community connector. Our customers are so helpful; most days we have more answers to moderate than new questions.


“It’s important for us to answer the customers as quickly as we can; we really try to get them answered within 24 hours or sooner if we’re able,” said Veroneau.

Website Redesign Leads with User Generated Content

Given the impact they had seen from UGC, when WEBS updated its website in 2021 they focused  on displaying their user-generated content prominently on product detail pages (PDPs). Now, customers can easily access the review display from a simple click on a link at the top of each product page which takes them directly to the review display where customers can find the Q&A section, ratings and reviews, and images submitted of the product. 


“Our Ratings & Reviews conversion has increased to 22 percent,” said Veroneau. “We’ve noticed that customers are seeking out a space to share feedback and not just waiting for an email request for a review, but are choosing to go directly to the product pages. These are particularly passionate customers who want to share their opinions.”


This passion pays dividends: WEBS has seen its review length increased by 22.5 percent in 2022 compared to 2021, a key attribute that commands greater engagement as studies have shown.


Additionally, WEBS prioritized the Seller Ratings feature, which provides the company with valuable insights from their customers about the online ordering experience enabling WEBS to understand and fix issues with the checkout process or promo codes. 

Capturing the Passion of Makers on Social Media

With so many new hobbyists joining the community over the last couple of years, makers continue to flock to social media for product insights and inspiration. Using the Social Curation tool, WEBS is able to showcase shopper projects and broaden its reach.


“Many customers tag us on their social media channels to showcase a project they are working on or have completed,” said Veroneau. “We’ll then respond to their posts and it’s a great way for us to deepen our customer relationships.


Since leveraging PowerReviews’ Social Curation tool, WEBs has collected more than 30,000 posts with images featuring the work of their customers, causing their conversion rate to nearly double. 

WEBS is laser focused on continuously giving customers the best products and service possible. “The feedback our shoppers leave in reviews or user generated content from social media is super directional,” said Jackie. “It tells us where we can do better or what our customers think we’re doing really well. This helps us plot future business plans that include more of what our shoppers love or what they’d really like to see us improve upon.”

Shopper Reviews Influence Ordering Experience

WEBS has been very proactive in the use of PowerReviews tools and in making user generated content a priority and a central element in its web presence. As a result, the company has its finger on the pulse of its clientele to cultivate and curate an experience that appeals to crafters of all ages.  


“The support team is really responsive. If I have to open a support ticket because something’s not working or if I’m sending a request to unsubscribe someone from emails or Q&A, they get back to me quickly, and let me know when it’s done. Everyone’s just so friendly, so communicative, and it’s really wonderful having this partnership.”


ROI Delivered

1 %
conversion lift from Q&A interactors
1 ,000+
customer images collected using Social Curation
1 %
conversion lift from Ratings & Reviews interactors

As customer-generated content becomes an increasingly vital component in a purchasing decision, WEBS is ready to meet that demand, all while building a strong relationship between consumer and brand.

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