Food & beverage customer loyalty case study

Jelly Belly

Jelly Belly started as a company specializing in candy corn. Today, it manufactures the most popular jelly beans in the world. The company has a fairly established ecommerce channel, but it saw an obvious opportunity to grow and expand by incorporating a customer loyalty element in its ratings and reviews generation strategy.


Partnering for Growth

Jelly Belly has been a long-term customer of:

  • PowerReviews (since 2014) – which it uses to power its ratings and reviews program on its own direct-to-consumer site (where it collects and displays this content). It then syndicates this content collected on its own site to retailers such as Target in the US and Tesco in the UK.
  • Zinrelo (since 2017) – which it uses to run its customer loyalty program. Specific loyalty point volumes are assigned to specific activities – including online purchases, referrals, welcome/birthday bonuses and more. Participants receive complimentary Jelly Belly products when they reach specific point thresholds.

The best of both worlds: Two-pronged approach with Zinrelo & PowerReviews

Jelly Belly started off with very precise objectives when it embarked on the project. The company wanted to increase online revenue with a specific focus on driving repeat purchase revenue and customer retention.


“PowerReviews has always been a great partner to work with,” says Bryan Pergakis, Digital Marketing Manager at Jelly Belly. “But integrating our ratings and reviews and customer loyalty programs together meant we could take them both to the next level.” 


Jelly Belly integrated ratings and reviews into its customer loyalty program some time ago, with review providers receiving points for each submission.

Cumbersome and manual process for digital team despite significant value

But assigning and totalling points for generating a review had been a manual exercise. This meant a time consuming and clunky process, where a batch data upload took place each week and latest points totals were not immediately visible to customers.


“It was a lot of work,” says Pergakis. “Particularly with emails that went out to our customers as part of the loyalty program.”


“With that being said, offering loyalty points in exchange for providing reviews had proved a very effective review generation mechanism. So there was huge value there and we had a good proof of concept, we just needed a more efficient and flexible process.”

Immediate ROI as Conversion Rates Triple

Jelly Belly initiated the API integration between Zinrelo and PowerReviews to automate the entire process. Activation was seamless.


The formal integration meant the company had the best of both worlds: a best-in-class ratings and reviews platform seamlessly combined with a best-in-class customer loyalty platform. This created a better overall outcome than an inferior single solution incorporating both elements.


It also meant Jelly Belly was able to make the entire program more sophisticated. As an example, the company set the program to award 25 points per review submitted on a maximum of four reviews per year. It also meant making adjustments to the program (e.g. point assignments and tracking) became far more intuitive, creating greater flexibility overall.


“We wanted to strike the right balance between incentivizing review submission while ensuring the content provided is authentic,” explains Pergakis.

Significant ROI

The formal integration significantly improved the results of the program and delivered rapid ROI:

0 %
repeat-purchase revenue increase*
0 %
increase in customer retention*
0 x
above industry average review volume**
*Results are a comparison of the seven month period prior to implementing the Zinrelo-PowerReviews integration and the three month period immediately afterwards.
**Review submission rate in the three months post PowerReviews-Zinrelo integration is now more than double the food and beverage industry average. For the 12 months immediately prior to the integration, it was 70% of the industry average.

Zinrelo is a modern-day loyalty rewards platform with a seamless API with the PowerReviews platform. Learn more about this integration partnership or visit the Zinrelo website.

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