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Working with PowerReviews, Kiss My Keto has been able to source user generated content to showcase real-world consumer product experiences, and syndicate reviews with Walmart, one of the company’s biggest retail outlets. Favorable star ratings have helped boost the performance of its Google ads, while Facebook ads featuring user-generated content have outperformed all other forms of advertising.


About the Company

Kiss My Keto is a brand dedicated to helping support the ketogenic lifestyle. Started in 2016 offering supplements, the company has expanded over the years to include a wide range of high-fat, low-carbohydrate foods and snacks. Kiss My Keto is committed to educating customers on the keto lifestyle and how to use its products, and offers a Ketocademy, with a wealth of educational content on its website.


When the founders started Kiss My Keto in 2016, they recognized that consumers wanted to embrace the ketogenic diet but were short on commercially available, ready-to-eat options. Since then, the company has been on a mission to develop products that meet the macronutrient profile of high fat, moderate protein and low carbohydrates; are made from good, health-conscious ingredients; and which taste great. Today, with more than 20 different products, Kiss My Keto continues to be an innovator in the space.

Ratings & Reviews Critical to Kiss My Keto Success

The Kiss My Keto success story is all about providing the right products at the right time. Over the past few years, its “Better for You Snacking” products have cultivated a loyal customer following, empowering its fans to achieve their ketogenic nutrition and lifestyle goals.


The company sells online through its own Shopify site, Amazon and, and in retail brick & mortar outlets such as Kroger, Sprouts, Whole Foods and Walmart. As the company grew, it needed a Ratings and Review software partner that could help it scale as the company expanded its ecommerce business and retail distribution partners.


In July of 2020, Kiss My Keto went live with Ratings and Reviews software from PowerReviews, to enhance the customer experience through display of customer feedback and images on its product web pages. It also leverages PowerReviews’ ability to syndicate reviews with leading retailers, such as, to significantly expand its consumer reach and influence. Additionally, the company has also incorporated user-generated content within its advertising initiatives.

PowerReviews: “An Ideal Fit” for Kiss My Keto

“Many brands say user generated content is the lifeblood of their business. And Amazon showed us the power of reviews,” said Michael Herscu, Marketing Manager at Kiss My Keto.


“PowerReviews was an ideal fit for us as it was affordable, offered solid user generated content analytics, and was easy to use. The PowerReviews solution is very flexible and makes it simple and easy to request and display customer reviews and images.”


Another factor that was important to Kiss My Keto was PowerReviews’ customizable front-end user interface, as the company is very particular when it comes to the user experience and user interface on its site.

Powerful Shopify Plus Integration

A critical reason for Kiss My Keto’s selection of PowerReviews was a tight integration with Shopify Plus, which Kiss My Keto uses to power its website.


“The availability of apps on the Shopify Plus Marketplace can be overwhelming. You have to be careful with the apps you opt to use, as too many apps can slow down the site speed and responsiveness,” said Herscu.


“In my opinion, PowerReviews integrates with Shopify Plus in the best possible way; it rests outside the Shopify platform, so administrators don’t need to go into Shopify Plus to view analytics. We’ve worked with other review software solutions, and all the other apps rested inside the Shopify interface, which negatively impacted site speed.”

“Exceptional” Partnership and 17-Day Implementation Process

Herscu says Kiss My Keto implemented PowerReviews in 17 days in a “faultless” go live process. 


Additionally, Herscu says the PowerReviews customer success team made a solid first impression. “We felt good about the team, that they would look after us and help us. I was right on the money with that – we had a very seamless and quick onboarding process and were off and running with the ability to request reviews via email and SMS right away. So far, PowerReviews has been an exceptional partner.”

Immediate ROI as Conversion Rates Triple

“We were able to syndicate our reviews to and saw increased conversion rates of 3x in a matter of days, resulting in a 40 percent spike in sales. It was the greatest spike in sales and the single best thing we could have done to boost our business,” says Herscu.


“We have not had one single complaint in working with PowerReviews; everything has been very straightforward and seamless. Meetings are scheduled quickly and if an issue arises, the PowerReviews team responds to issues in the same day.” This is key, says Herscu, as previously the company worked with another user generated content solution provider that outsources its development work and the client experience was very poor. “This has made me appreciate the value of a good vendor onboarding team like what we have with PowerReviews.”

100 +
syndicated reviews
1 x
conversion rate increase
1 %
sales lift

Leveraging UGC as Core to Brand Perception

Kiss My Keto has found significant benefit in leveraging the power of user generated content in its advertising. With the company a Google partner, the star ratings in particular have helped with Google Ad performance.


“User generated content is very powerful, because it’s like getting insights from a friend,” said Herscu. “We have used customer images and videos in ads targeting new prospects who have never been to our site, and they have turned out to be the best performing ads. This has been a game-changer for us.”

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