5 Ways to Generate Fast Feedback this Holiday Season

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It’s no secret that the holiday season is a tremendously busy time for brands and retailers. This year will be no exception, as the
National Retail Federation predicts retail sales in November and December will increase 3.6% from the same period in 2015.

Gift givers (and self-givers) are increasingly turning to user-generated content such as ratings and reviews to inform their holiday purchases. But with Black Friday quickly approaching, how can you generate fast feedback on products to drive sales online and in-store during the holidays and beyond?

During this month’s PowerReviews webinar, I shared these five tips for brands and retailers looking to generate fast feedback in order to drive traffic, sales and insights.

1. Optimize for Mobile and In-Store
Mobile phones have quickly become a key part of the shopping journey — and not just when consumers are shopping online. More and more consumers are using their phones to find product information while shopping in store. In fact, 54% of consumers use their mobile devices to look for product reviews while shopping in-store.

If you haven’t already, now is the time to optimize your experiences for mobile so consumers can easily find all of the information they’re looking for — including ratings and reviews — regardless of the device, or step in the journey they’re using to browse and purchase products.

2. Streamline the Review Collection Process
60% of consumer orders coming through the PowerReviews network have more than one product per order. And multi-item transactions are even more common during the holidays, when shoppers are purchasing multiple items AND gifts within one order.

Make it easier for your shoppers to review all items they’ve purchased by streamlining the review collection process. Allow shoppers to review all products they’ve purchased from one page, rather than requiring them to navigate to separate pages to write each review using PowerReviews’ Review Your Purchases feature. A major retailer that implemented this feature experienced a 93% increase in reviews quarter over quarter and a 400% increase in review completion rates.

3. Capture Reviews and Real-Time Insights Immediately After Purchase
On average, 60% of reviews are generated as a result of a post purchase email, sent from a brand or retailer asking a shopper to review recently purchased products. Typically, these emails are sent a couple weeks post-purchase, after the shopper has had some time to experience the purchased product. However, if you’re trying to increase UGC coverage for products in time for the holidays, you may need a solution that will help you generate customer feedback even more quickly. Consider implementing Why Did You Buy, a PowerReviews product offering that allows retailers and brands to capture reviews and real-time insights immediately after purchase, simply by asking customers “Why Did You Buy?” This offering is also a great tool to inform merchandising and product positioning on your homepage and other landing pages.

4. Generate Reviews for New Products With Product Sampling
Many brands release new product offerings in time for the holidays. And according to our research with Northwestern University, reviews are especially important when a consumer is considering a product or brand they have no experience with.

How can you generate reviews for these new products? With a product sampling program. By sending product samples to your list of consumers or the PowerReviews On-Demand Community of reviewers, you can generate feedback that will build confidence for future shoppers. In fact, a top toy manufacturer saw an 86% completion rate from sampling participants, resulting in 636 new reviews generated during their sampling campaign.

5. Increase Your Product Coverage Through Syndication
Syndication increases the reach of your product reviews so shoppers can find the information they’re looking for, regardless of the channel they’re using to shop. If you’re a brand that partners with PowerReviews, you can syndicate reviews to nearly 1,200 retailers to increase the reach of your content. And if you’re a retailer, you can grow your review coverage double-digits with authentic, user-generated content from brands you already carry on your site — without having to collect that content yourself.

Missed this month’s webinar? Watch the on-demand session now.

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