Skechers races to provide key answers, adds powerful social tool to drive onsite conversion

SKECHERS, a leading global brand in the lifestyle footwear industry, designs, develops and markets lifestyle footwear that appeals to men, women and children of all ages. A two-billion-dollar-plus company, SKECHERS’ global success stems from its ability to offer customers a high-quality shopping experience regardless of the channel.


Open rate of answer notification email


Conversion increase for products with Q&A


Conversion rate from answer notification email

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Goals: Provide customers with the most relevant and timely product information to make immediate purchase decisions

SKECHERS sought an easy-to-implement solution that would provide the most relevant and timely information for customers to make informed online purchase decisions. It was clear that product descriptions on the website provided value for customers. However, these descriptions often fell short in answering shoppers’ specific questions. So SKECHERS needed a tool that could rapidly answer customers’ specific questions, while simultaneously serving as a living FAQ for future visitors. In addition, SKECHERS wanted a solution that could improve their organic search rankings, which required that the content be readable via Google and other search engines.

The online retailer was also trying to combat high bounce rates — which were driven up as visitors left to search for the same product on other sites.

SKECHERS knew they needed to provide consumers with the product information they wanted to ensure they stayed on their site — increasing the likelihood of conversion.

“Because a customer who submits a question is already engaged, if we can give them the answer they want in a timely fashion they usually buy the shoe.”

- Timothy Lakin, E-commerce Merchandising Manager

“With Social Answers we were able to boost our rankings in Google’s natural search for the keyword “shoes” to be on the first page of results.”

- Timothy Lakin, E-commerce Merchandising Manager

Why PowerReviews

SKECHERS established a strong partnership with PowerReviews based on the success of Customer Reviews™, which currently displays nearly 121,000 reviews on SKECHERS wanted a solution to address consumers’ increasingly high demand for Q&A functionality, and chose PowerReviews because its Social Answers™ provided an integrated Q&A platform that powered fast answers from the most credible sources.

Moreover, PowerReviews’ focus on measurement made the decision to move forward with Social Answers an easy one.

Skechers exceeds goals with Social Answers

SKECHERS now enables shoppers to submit product questions through an easy-to-read form located directly on the product page. Once submitted, intelligent routing queues immediately push questions to the most qualified sources based on flexible business rules. In less than 3 hours, customers receive the answer in a followup email with a link directly to the product page, to complete their transaction. This timely response ensures that shoppers turn into buyers, rather than ending up on a competitor’s site.

The Social Answers tab is conveniently placed on the product page. And with PowerReviews’ patented technology, the keyword-rich copy found in these discussions can be indexed to improve SEO.

With Social Answers, SKECHERS saw:

  • 32% conversion increase for products with Q&A.
  • 80% open rate of answer notification email.
  • 51% conversion rate from answer notification email.

The footwear company also saw bounce rates decrease significantly. In addition, the volume of customer support reduced considerably. Another customer service tool, real time chat, was removed from the website altogether, after SKECHERS recognized that customers were turning to Social Answers as an alternative. This resulted in both lower costs and a better user experience.

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