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Increase Product Page Content, Website Traffic and Conversion.

Multiple Answer Sources

Questions can be answered by any combination of your internal subject matter experts, previous buyers, or our on-demand online answer community. Choose the right mix of responders in context of your internal expertise and resources, business hours, and desired response time.

Customer question and answer software for product pages

Ask a Product Owner

Questions can be answered by verified buyers, speeding up response times and adding authenticity.

Question and answer product page software.

Expert Moderation

PowerReviews uses advanced fraud detection and profanity filter technology to moderate all questions and answers, ensuring authenticity and suppressing inappropriate content. Every question and answer is also reviewed by a human moderator to ensure the highest level of quality.

Software to monitor customer comments

Virtual FAQ

As questions and answers appear on your product pages, a virtual FAQ is dynamically created, reducing future questions and improving organic search traffic.

Product questions and answers

In-line SEO®

Our patented In-line SEO® approach drives significant improvements in organic traffic to your product pages by increasing keyword density and improving relevance and freshness of the page’s content.

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Increase conversions by answering questions within 24 hours, the crucial time period that determines the success of turning browsers into buyers.

Boost Organic
Search Traffic

Q&A improves relevance and freshness of content for search engine optimization (SEO) with keyword-rich, permanent assets on product pages.

Insights to Improve

Q&A conversations provide real time feedback that can reduce return rates, eliminate support costs and improve products and services.

Why Did You Buy

Our Why Did You Buy offering allows brands and retailers to capture consumer insights and feedback immediately after purchase, resulting in 65% higher product coverage.

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Case Study


“Because those who submit questions are already engaged, if we can give them the answers they want in a timely fashion, they usually buy the shoe.”

Timothy Lakin

E-commerce Merchandising Manager, Skechers

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