Reviews are everywhere, but they weren’t always. From cars to movies, restaurants to TVs,  as little as 10 years ago, most reviews were written exclusively by experts who told you what to buy, where to buy, and when to buy. Those reviews were often disconnected from your shopping experience, available in magazines and blog posts but not part of the online shopping experience where shoppers made decisions.

Reviews: Bringing Power to the People

In the early 2000s companies like Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Amazon started providing a platform where average people could share their experiences and feelings on the products they bought (both positive and negative). Reviews written by average people are often looked at as being more trustworthy than the expert reviews. Building on that theme, PowerReviews and others came along in 2005 to provide e-commerce retailers and brands the software platform to have those conversations on their own websites, and the impact has been profound.

Top and Bottom Line Improvements

Standard product review analytics tagging and measurement demonstrate that ecommerce sites that make reviews prominent and easy to engage with have a positive impact to both the top and bottom lines of the business. Take a look at the difference for shoppers who engaged with reviews content vs. those who didn’t.

Average Order Value (Current PowerReviews E-Commerce Client)

Conversion Rate (Current PowerReviews E-Commerce Client)

Prominent Reviews Lead to Increased Conversions

DuluthTradingCo realizes the value of reviews and impact on customer experience and conversion. They’ve taken PowerReviews’ basic templates and made reviews even more front-and-center on their product detail pages because they know prominent reviews lead to increased conversions.